Remove the 1 set screw for the multipurpose tray paper take-up solenoid. When switch back is performed using the paper exit route to the paper bins. Does heater lamp 1 HI come on when the power supply is turned on? The amount of reflected light is measured by the photo sensor. No Correct the lever. Printer Media Media Load Type. Image Defects that are Cyclical mm spacing.

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Remove the 4 set screws for the left frame plate.

Remove the 2 connectors for the HV2 circuit board and 1 set screw. Media Feeder Max Format. Check the control panel display. Refer to ” Upper tray” on the previous page for details about other design and function items. Cleaning Clean the printer thoroughly every 30, single-sided pages or 12 months.

Remove the 1 connector and 4 set screws for the fusing motor. Access the test through the printer’s menu system.

The printer calculates the operating time of the units or qmd number of prints and saves the information.


Remove the rack lock lever 1. C Developing The toner is applied in an even thickness to the developing roller by the toner controller plate, the toner is then applied to the electrostatic latent image on the OPC drum, and finally the toner image is developed.

Bad connection image transfer roller. Duplex paper sensor option 2 Toner cartridge Is there a tab on the one-way clutch for the timing roller?

QMS Magicolor Toner Cartridges

VR1 adjustment for paper exit sensor current. Because the film is transparent, the LED light magicoloor the light-emitting section of the sensor passes through it and is reflected by the Prism Lens mounted at the top of the sensor.

Defective paper image transport. Use the specified parts. Half speed A suction fan motor error is detected when the suction fan lock signal is active for 0. Keep clothing and other objects away from moving parts such as pulleys and gears.

Printer: Minolta magicolor DL | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Be sure to unplug the printer before disassembling and cleaning. Dirty laser lens cover. Remove the paper guide 1. Best headphone deals for Christmas: Remove the motor cover Cover hook 1. Is there a tab on the one-way clutch for the multi- purpose tray take-up roller? Is the area subject to direct sun- light? Multipurpose minolts lift arm plate error 9. Remove the 3 set screws for the motor mount plate.


Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 DeskLaser

Media Feeder Max Format. Remove the upper cover Remove the rear connector cover.

Does the paper exit sensor PC 8 lever operate properly? When the power supply minlota is on. Remove the developing motor assembly Spring 1. Paper guide Paper guide home pos ition sensor C Paper empty and paper full detection Paper empty sensor: System Requirements OS Required.