Can I communicate with the two chips without changing the connections from one sensor to the other? The output is in analog mode and clamped to In the latter case, Melexis does not recommend this mode of operation as it was not the intention to let the device work permanently in RAM. The firmware loader is needed in order to upload new or other firmware into the PTC programmer. This evb is much more user friendly and designed to calibrate the devices.

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When trying to program the chip I get errors saying that I can not write to the specified address.

Is there an example pdf in your website? Is there any C sample code that i can reference?

Is this the sign of a chip that has been preprogrammed and locked from the manufacturer? Please confirm whether we can use a single capacitor value for both modes and, if so, what its value should be? The IC is mlxkgo.

PTC Programmer | Melexis

Release expected by the end of the year ptc-40 However, you have only the option to connect a 5k6 pull-up or a 10k pull-down resistor. Answer for instructions on how to calibrate the PTC04, please refer to the document: If you move the date 1 year, then the warning will also only come in 1 year.


MPT The software meelxis search again me,exis system for connected PTC04 programmer and will come up with a new dialog asking for manual selection of a serial port. Wrong ACk byte or missing ACK byte So yes, if you do not get an error, then the device is accepting the command and confirms that it is programmed correctly. Furthermore, the programming protocol is based on “exotic” waveforms on the supply line up to 15 V and the output line.

Can you also confirm that you checked the communication and that all 4 data bytes are OK? Those resistors are implemented on the Daughter Board of the PTC so that you don’t need to me,exis them externally. Especially the Offset is obviously wrong. Afterwards the software verifies if the upload was done correctly. This means it should be connected to pins of the DB hall marked as device A.

Answer I think you are confusing the SPI communication protocol and the programming with the PTC, so let me first explain the 2 communication protocols. The HW ID field should contain something melxis “”.

I use a safety-critical sensor with dual MLX Verify the “contents of this hardware” with the “default”. In case you use the PTC, there should be no communication and mux switched off and the Vdd must be set to 5V. Setting Vdd to 0 V first could help.


Next you need to connect the PTC and creat a link. In all other cases you will need the PTC to program the parts in the final application trough the output pin.

This allows to test the PCB without programming. Do I need to Characterizie each time when I programming sensor this is obligatory or not.

If the contents still meelxis not match the default then most likely the PTC is damaged and should be send back to Melexis. Otherwise you need the PTC programmer. The mode is analog. This evb is much more user friendly and designed to calibrate the devices.

PTC-04 – Programmer for Melexis PTC devices

In all other cases I do not know any reason why you can not reprogram the device. As mentioned above, you cannot avoid the discontinuity i.

The PTC programmer contains its own programmable power supply and measurement circuitry.