Today, you can find such devices on second hand market. To take care of connections built up at system start I have implemented the following procedure: Please note that the driver assigns every adapter to the first configuration that is idle and either missing a SERIALNR-entry or that matches the number programmed to the adapter. How to install a network adapter driver. If you specify vp. Leave this field blank.

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The first website above is. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too. INI The driver can hold up to three configurations and may be able to run three adapters at the same time not tested.

MOSCHIP MCS7830 USB 2.0 Ethernet Driver

If you like to contact me, you can use the following email: Follow eCSoft2 on Twitter. See your local network configuration file C: Today, you can find such devices on second hand market.

Sunday, 17 April, Before, my driver is told that the adapter was disconnected.


Network configuration might fail on system startup due to the fact, the network connection is not available in time on system boot. Also, I am an absolute beginner in network technology. So you might have to execute some network configuration tools after boot, e.

Cause I don’t speak C programming language, this driver is written with Virtual Pascal and an assembler stub for linking the bit code mzc the kernel. You may try Mds7830 or something else – as long it’s unique within your network. OS2 statement in config sys. Add new comment Your name. Please feel free to use the driver and the source but note, that some of the string-functions are taken from the Virtual Pascal sources. Maybe my code will be helpful for someone else, so I have included full source code into source.

Use the Serial Number Identifier e. After that, you should find the entry “Moschip USB mxs7830.

MCS – ASIX Electronics Corporation

If you specify vp. Record updated last time on: This can be useful when investigating problems. This work jcs7830 done at my spare time and given to public for free. This is demo version there is. Multicast-Addresses are restricted to one per adapter. Following is a list of prerequisites that you have to manually install in order to have the program working:.


After link is back, it can take up to 10 Sec. Link ok You don’t need to mxc anything else than maybe configure your network.

This entry is case-sensitive, write exactly as shown! The only disadvantage is the delay during boot with a USB connected adapter without an ethernet cable connected.

Moschip MCS7830 USB to Ethernet Adapter for around $10

To make them work, you have to give the driver the necessary information. RU, applications, news, reviews, hardware.

It is not a project to the public but a result of my needs and my curiosity. If you want to make things better you are invited to do so.

Save the changes you don’t need to update config.