Your email or your password was wrong. Read more Car News. Santa’s new ride is a seven-seat Discovery. Should you switch to taking public transport? KATC renders excellent quality services. Skoda Karoq takes on Honda and Subaru. Karting highlights 3rd German Kart Championship.

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Car Engine Tyres Porsche 3. Five specialist workshops for Toyota cars.

Martin Ragginger

ragginge Unexpected things in your car that spoil. I do think that the GT Masters and the other series I compete in offer good, high-quality racing. You work with different teams and drivers; depending on what series you are in, you collaborate with them on one weekend, compete against them on the next.

So this year, I am looking forward to a real race again! In the end, it tends to even itself out, there will be weekends when we will have a better car than the others. Your email or your password was wrong.

Dagginger more Car News. Or perhaps both of them were. The boy from Salzburg got to see the world! It is important to preserve that balance; and I think the people in charge know that, and want to do that. Pirelli will have a new, harder spec tyre for everyone this year; we have a new car with more aero and improvements all round, in every aspect; so now we are hoping for a BoP that allows us to compete with the fastest teams.


And it was right to do away with the speed limits, those were a bit of a mess. You are back at N24 with the Falken team; last year you finished on the podium, what does this event mean to you?

With your time in the Carrera Cup Asia, was there a danger of you dropping out of sight of the European racing community? Do visit our partner sites for other services such as job openings for Singapore jobsreal estate properties martln salemover.

What else can you redeem with your petrol points? Karting highlights 3rd German Kart Championship.

Martin Ragginger

And we carry on! Easy audio upgrades with Dimension Audio. And, we are in touch raggibger the year. Did you forget your password? So it was correct to make that change.

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Should you switch to taking public transport? Continued use of this site indicates that you accept this policy. And I am glad to be going back there for four events this year. Yes you always want to be fastest. But our main assignment is to pedal the car as fast as possible! I am glad that we have that wider choice of compounds on the Nordschleife, in certain weather conditions, as well as during the ragginer, it is important to be on the right tyres. Post a Comment Report Error Share. Ford develops noise-cancelling kennel for dogs.


Martin Ragginger (@martinraggi) • Instagram photos and videos

You may also like. This is how the COE bidding system works. KATC renders excellent quality services.

Vehicle sales and transfers to go online. I tend not to spend too much time thinking about it.