So, if you do this, Logi won’t sell you replacement feet. No problem, since this is the 2nd hit on Google for “MX Revolution fix” now besides the relatively extreme resistor fix hopefully some other people will find it. You unscrew 4 screws, and viola, it opens up and you have easy access to the battery. I have anger issues It charges now!!! I carefully bent them in a 45 degree angle and they didn’t break. If you’re having a flashing red light issue and are willing to try it, slam it down on a flat hard surface do it HARD or it won’t work. This website is using cookies.

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I tried taking it apart by peeling off the feet first to get access to the 4 screws. The cradle contacts were weaker and just not touching the mouse contacts any more. That should do it.

In doing so, you likely caused a slight shift and a better contact from the resulting wiping of the contacts. Only thing difficult is remounting the silicon feet.

Logitech Wireless MX Revolution Mouse M/n M-rbq | eBay

Furthermore, installing the wrong Logitech drivers can make these problems even worse. It now also charges fine too. Select the software you want to download. Do it firmly or they will disappear completely, and then no charge is taken place at all. Disassemble mouse and carefully apply voltage between normally open contacts on OMRON microswitch for left mouse button and click it a few times. I too found the slamming trick to work. At the back of the top part of the mouse is a small contact point that completes a circuit by touching one of the charging contacts on the inside of the lower portion of the mouse.


See the list of Bluetooth Smart Ready computers. Back again 6 years later. Ok, the slaming worked for a while, but then the problem would still persist after slamming. If the channel light continues blinking slowly, see below to fix the problem. The voltage regulator is the little square-ish thing a tiny bit lower than center, a larger metal pad is soldered down to the board at the top of it, then it has three smaller pins at the bottom of it, the center one being clipped.

Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse 810-000422 M-rbq124 With Dock

I slammed my mouse My MX mouse did not charge when putting him in the cradle. The slam would work sometimes and obviously the mouse contacts had to be clean.

Why lowering the input voltage works for a while I’m less sure about, perhaps a lower voltage is able m-rbqq124 traverse the sketchy circuit without sufficient fluctuation to make the mouse cut off the charging, but only until the circuit is so bad that doesn’t work anymore either. Well my mouse was doing the same thing. Four thumb buttons Jump between open windows and apps. You are downloading trial software.


Great because I have loads of work to do: Stick a couple of layers of insulating tape over the logktech and screw the base plate back on.

I used a 9V battery with resistor for current source. No red lights, and not long afterward, Set Point said my batteries were fully charged!! I first slam in my hand, didn’t work, too soft.

I cleaned the battery contacts on the inside with an eraser and logltech put it all back together. MX Master at a glance. In DecChris the commentor who introduced us to the slam technique said “I simply slammed the mouse bottom side down on my desk” Then a couple people chimed in saying they did a “flat” slam, which I assume means slamming the flat underside of the mouse onto the logitehc.

Once the two halves are seperated, I could only see two fault points with this mouse. Any ideas how to resolve this or just to return battery? It was doing the start-to-charge then the red started blinking.