The resulting file for example: Have your computer search for Bluetooth devices. As a result, alkaline batteries are recommended. However, be sure to set your camera time to the same time as the GPS tracker before your start. This strap I can attach to my clothing. When the Ni-MH cell is nearly depleted, connect the M with the cell still inside to a USB power-only adapter no data wires and it may begin to get recharged slowly.

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For low use it can run over a year without any problems. In this release, Bluetooth can be switched off, holuz the device can save power when no Bluetooth is needed, or keep logging in environments where Bluetooth is not allowed, such as in an airliner. A Ni-MH mAh rechargeable K cell is specified to power it up to 10 hours at room temperature, and if a mAh cell is used, users have reported up to 12 hours usable life.

Size 82 x 53 x 23 mm NONE This makes it an ideal device for parents to keep track of children’s movements throughout the day or night.

You are able to choose whether to date stamp position locations with time or distance. And the cap is fine. So the great hi-tech item that I bought sits unused in my backpack. It is easy to track people as well. For a source of ideas of what commands you can send, you can look into the BT holkx code.


I bought it because a friend bought one and he told me about it. M with Google Earth Demo.

For Bluetooth, default speed should work. See all 2 brand new listings.

Logging these parameters requires a significant share of the device’s memory and reduces the capacity of points that can be logged. Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld Cannot get it to work with a linux computer so its basically useless.

Holux M-241

You may also like. You need to set -s using USB.

The resulting file for example: Nice that it comes with a neck lanyard and a USB cable. Users are also able to attach the Holux GPS logger discreetly to a valuable piece of equipment to assist recovery efforts in the case of the item being misplaced or stolen. Have your computer search for Bluetooth devices. Uses normal batteries, so no need to charge a bateery if you carry a spare AA battery.

I just leave the unit connected some hours and it has not needed a fresh battery for many weeks now. They are sensitive and hold an ample amount of data.

The Holux M is not waterproof. Other similar devices are flat and rubbery so they have a low center of gravity and better surface grip. They are also better at keeping the signal. Click on one of the start scripts for Mac Os X. However, the battery may not provide optimal performance and life over the entire temperature holuxx. It makes a track from every time you switch on the device and you will get the waypoints.


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It’s great that it operates for a couple of days on a single AA battery! Although the M User Manual expressly states that it cannot recharge holhx, at least two users have reported success with rechargeable Ni-MH cells. The M can log GPS points for up to 12 hours with one alkaline AA cell recommended at room temperature, 10 hours at high temperature or 2 hours at low temperature.

Available languages — Holux M If you are not running bash as your shell, you need to modify the scripts, so that the first line reads:.