Who would have thought I’d finally get some use out of that Quarterdeck loopback plug set all these years later? When using hardware flow control, you will need to connect pins 4 to 6 and 7 to 8 for RS Serial Loopback Product Code: Supplier Directory For everything from distribution to test equipment, components and more, our directory covers it. No cabling is required as these plugs are designed to connect directly to the back of a PC. Type a message using the computer’s keyboard. To perform a loopback test with no hardware flow control with a DB connector, connect pins 2 to 3 for RS

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Serial Loopback Product Code: The DE-9 connector is the most common serial connector. RS loopback connectors are very easy to make up.

How do I create a loop back connector?

Related Hardware USB 2. This is excellent, well-presented and very helpful information for me! Exactly what I needed to sove a problem with a new Serial card.

Very useful technical information.

How To Construct Serial Loopback Adapter Plugs – Sealevel

The loopback plug connects serial inputs to serial outputs so that the port may be tested. To perform this test, you need to temporarily connect the proper pins to allow signals to be sent and received on the same port. Ensure the proper settings are selected for flow control. I was really looking to do some serial loopback tests, loipback this document also had the way to test them using HyperTerminal.


RS female DB plug with connections required for loopback test. Are there any AT commands that support this operation?

RS Loopback Connections | Test Connector | Electronics Notes

These prices do not include shipping and do not include the BurnInTest Professional software. Any data that shows in Hyperterminal is received from the device.

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Loopbxck read it and i’ve checked successfully! Loopback plugs are the quickest, most effective way to test that a PC’s serial RS and parallel ports are working correctly.

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. A loopbaci of simple steps and I see all serial activity on my monitor. A summary of the enviorment is that whatever Modem A transmits, Modem B will do a auto loopback to modem A.

RS232 Loopback Connections: test connector

I’ve been trying to see the serial port log with plenty of methods. Hi, I’m trying a different type of environment of loopback.


These loopbck plug into the serial and parallel ports of a loopbacj, allowing the looping of the data and signal path by joining the transmit and receive pins together.

This is exactly the article I was looking for. No cabling is required as these plugs are designed to connect directly to the back of a PC. Back to Top 4. A table showing the loopback connections when using a DB25 D-type connector using the common pinouts is shown below.

Create a new connection with any name and icon. This connector is not as common as the DE-9 connector.

The loopback suggested by you is done locally. Performing a Loopback Test in Hyperterminal 1. These connections can be seen in blue on rd232 5 and 6. This type of tesing I have already done and its working really great for me. The connections given below form a commonly used configuration.