Only I couldn’t install build-essentials. Even “make install” did not give me any errors. Hi RaZoR, Make works perfectly. Unfortunately, I don’t neither why nor how to fix it I have a similar problem with a Belkin N wireless usb adapter and your solution might help.

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RaZoR – your are the business. This is the output that ‘iwconfig’ gives me: Your wireless adapter uses the MTU chipset. I ljnksys this will help others.

No Hardware recognized immediately upon startup. I go to ubuntuforums. I can confirm that the rtsta driver that loads when I attach the modem is version 1.

Okay now I dont mean to be a pain.

Just starting out and have a question? You do understand that the module will part of the Linux kernel when loaded and if something is a bit wrong it could completely break your system. I tried installing the rt drivers using the liunx mentioned on this post and in this link: Ah so this is an established problem.


I can’t install them ft2870 at the same time! Yet, Puppy Linux magically supports it out of the box at full N speeds. Any idea how to make it work again?

Stuck with G for now on ubuntu, until there is a decent fix for this. Message 22 of 24 5, Views.

Flow control is on for TX and on for RX [ I’m probably too late but I didn’t see a reply to this so here goes. In my experience this happens when there is a mismatch between driver and kernel. What the hell am I missing? Now reinsert the first device: Blacklisting the rt28xx driver as described before, and compiling your own driver works here, linkys you need to compile again after each kernel update.

Linksys WUSB wireless card working in Linux.

Please let us see: You will need to configure this. I reported it and then it says sorry, Ubunu I achieved much higher with the same card and Intrepid though I had to compile and install a driver as above — EDIT — I followed someone else’s instructions to download the new ralink driver from their website: September 11, However, nothing I did linksgs make the card connect.


The intent, I believe, is to be backwards compatible with older hardware that may not be WPA2 capable. Wheezy users, see rtusb for device support.

Ralink RT2070, RT2770, RT2870, RT3070, RT3071, RT3072 devices (rt2870sta)

XXX is for home use. I verified this with connection info and it does really use Are people successfully using the driver with WPA and 9.

But you guide is realy cool, correct and it’s work!