Touch the down-arrow on the lower left corner of the touchscreen. Choose ‘Shrink oversized pages to paper size. The latest version of the PostScript Visual driver corrects this problem. Additional memory is required to handle the large volume of scanned images. The FTP server log file indicates:

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Disconnect the hard drive, power ON the IP and go into printer mode.

Specifications – bizhub C/C/C/C/C | KONICA MINOLTA

Poor connection between the main body and the IP system code on the IP must be at a minimum version 6. The latest version system konuca, print drivers, firmware and utilities are available on the Konica FTP site. Do not press enter until the entire string has been input.

Please keep the “User Software CD” on hand since it is required to install the printer driver. The main body power does not need to be cycled.

Konica Minolta IP-511 Manuals

The KNAS response will specify the solution required for the installation. In the File Name box, type 51 descriptive name for this key, and then click Save – for example, type WindowsNTx86regkey. Recover the hard drive. The mainbody firmware versions are minimum Control version 34 and Image version Replace HD Item if necessary. Ensure that the IP system software and main body firmware are up-to-date.


This has resulted in a much simpler driver configuration and a much smaller UPD. DOS applications are not technically supported since each DOS application carries its own set of printer drivers instead of a single driver that the Windows operating systems use.

Notation of the reference in this manual is written within quotation marks e. This issue is with Microsoft Excel and not related to the IP print drivers.

Remove any additional memory modules, which have been installed on the IP unit.

Solution A maximum of 12 FTP pdl can be programmed and used providing the latest firmware and software is installed. This solution contains information about editing the registry.

The TeraTerm macro will then initiate. Signature level not set between 0 – 2. After each install, wait for the print server to become ready before sending the next microcode. Shorter than 1 minute: Specify the ;cl name and click the [Next] button. The IP hard drive has failed. From an FTP client or from the command line: The paper always pulls from Tray 1. Due to the difficulties in adjusting all input trays equally, it was found that the hole punch did not always line up properly when multiple input sources were called.


Universal Print Driver For Administrator | KONICA MINOLTA

The issue was resolved by changing the routing rules of the switch to service the port connected to the NIC as opposed to using the MAC address of the NIC for auto-routing. Manually reset the NIC to factory defaults by performing the following: When selecting carriage return and line feed mapping LF will also be displayed on the operation panel.

There may even be different output within the same printer manufacturer i.

The wizard prompts to test that OmniPage Pro 11 can connect to your scanner. Ionica The IP controller with system code startup at a minimum 5.

The screens also work with the conventional control panel keys. Solution There is no setting in the 25 mode to allow this function as a default setting. Solution The Scan Error List errors can not be deleted.