Headed home tonight to re-assemble all this Anyone know what the torque spec is, having a difficult time finding it online. I believe it’s the pins holding the 42t to the machined cassette body. Maximum torque we recommend applying is 40 Nm. Well all be damned glad i found this gem! Clean the dust and mud from the freehub splines and threads.

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Installation of SRAM XD driver body-compatible cassette requires tightening two different lockrings, so please refer to the installation steps below for installing the cassette you just purchased. The lube and grease steps shown here are not to mask creaks – they are to reduce contact friction during assembly to allow a proper torque of your system.

Fitting a Sram XD cassette onto a XD freehub help. – Singletrack Magazine

One of our comments instzlling the latest Tech Spotlight pointed out we didn’t touch on the cassette – and Acssette was absolutely correct so here it is! Put the cassette on the driver body splines. Thanks George, lagged the freehub and cassette with grease as everyone has said the same. Guess I am stripping down my cassette tomorrow night! Viewing 6 posts – 1 through 6 of 6 total. If necessary, hold the inner lockring with your hand.

Use a LOT of antiseize or grease on the freehub. I start to tighten the lock ring in the middle of the cassette to pull it onto the freehub, the lock ring turns by hand with just the cassette tool probably two or three times before it goes solid.


This site uses cookies. After that, you will need to tighten the outer lockring.

We’re going to touch in specific on XX1 Cassette installation and where we have commercially found creak issues. Tools you will need.

Rockrover Apr 10, at 7: I believe it was the cassette torque issue but who knows it may have been that bearing. Seriously about to check myself cassettee the loony bin over this creak sound.

XX1 Cassette Install / Creak Check

Just a tad worried fudging a brand new freehub and cassette. The ping ping ping sounds like spoke issues but I was told by a few shops that its just the xs the chain makes on the 1×11 and the sound of tooth engagement with the chain.

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Fitting a Sram XD cassette onto a XD freehub help.

While holding the cassette, fully insert the Garbaruk Inner Lockring Tool in the inner lockring threads. Make sure the outer lockring is screwed correctly and tighten it with a removal tool. Cassstte the dust and mud from the freehub splines and threads.

Just seems odd that the splines on either part do not appear to match. Well all be damned glad i found this gem! For the nistalling experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The XD driver interface has substantial contact friction in the system, which leads riders to feel that they have torqued the assembly correctly when in fact the cassette is still loose on the driver.


If you have questions don’t destroy a cassette or driver.

Please refer to this manual if your XD-compatible cassette is an updated version you can read about the differences between an updated version and previous one cawsette. MartinKS Apr 30, at I normally use Shimano cassettes which are pretty self explanatory. Misaligned cassette placement on the driver body may damage the cassette as well as the driver body.

XX1 Cassette Install / Creak Check by Nate-at-BikeCo-com – Pinkbike

We recommend using the cassette lockring removal tool with guide pin that will not allow you to casstte the lockring threads while tightening it. Took me weeks to track the noise down to the cassette, which was confirmed by swapping to a different cheaper cassette. I followed the instructions and voila, no more noise.