Certified Buyer , Bangalore. This provides less stress on your joints and muscles for use over long periods of time. SteelSeries sponsors over 30 professional gaming teams world wide, and had plenty of user feedback for the shape of the mouse. Very bad product from Steelseries. Now gamers have the option to switch between 2 different game settings with the click of a button.

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Although mouse weight is often a matter preference, it’s important that a product inspires a level of confidence in its durability and lifespan, which the Ikari unfortunately fails to do. The design feels familiar and could be readily comparable to most garden-variety desktop mice.

Many of our readers may be familiar with SteelSeries through the highly praised 5H headsetmousing surfaces, moude their keyboards. Kshitij Kumar 25 Jan, Does it set the bar or fall incredibly short of it?

SteelSeries has been steadily building a rapport with professional gamers across the globe over the past few years by developing products specifically designed to improve gaming performance and usability without a lot of extra bling.

Steel Series Ikari Wired Optical Gaming Mouse – Steel Series :

The aiming reticule was comparatively fluid and typically followed direction without error. However, to utilize the Ikari’s fully programmable functionality users must install the included software.


XX Counts per inch: The main click button ikair in less than a 4 months, there was no heavy use or game playing involved!

D Got it in 2 days! One thing miuse note is that the cable sleeving adds rigidity and weight to the cable, which may interfere slightly with moving the mouse, since the mouse itself is exceptionally light. The first thing Moouse noticed when holding the mouse was how well the two thumb buttons were placed.

This Ikari optical mouse is driverless so you can just plug it in and start playing. Last September, the guys at SteelSeries dropped a bomb on the gaming mice market.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review – IGN

Programmable macro buttons with driverless plug-and-play feature. Ikati FreeMove gives the user the option to remove interpolation of the mouse. The design of the mouse lkari left handed, however its not, but when person actually holds the mouse in the hand with proper rested palm and drag, the click gets pressed automatically.

But this mouse is good for gaming. On traditional mouse sensitivity 1. Anand Singh 18 Feb, Users with nothing better to do can create funny profile names. The Ikari buttons have a very light depression pressure and requires a light touch that heavy hitters will undoubtedly lament.


SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Pro Gaming Pn62013 Black / White

Steelseries spent 15 months on research for the design of this mouse. This laser is faster and more precise.

Haven’t seen such a worst mouse ever. Certified BuyerBangalore.

SteelSeries Ikari Optical Gaming Mouse Silver

But Steelseries ikari beats ikaro in grip! Size and Weight Weight: Its intuitive button layout, makes life easy for gamers who have the need for fast and multiple macro use. In layman’s terms, the Ikari features an extremely precise sensor that yields unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Release Notes Related Drivers 1. Well as the title explains pretty much.

In order to change the sensitivity settings high, low without the use of drivers, an LCD is needed to display the settings. The click wheel is carefully within reach while remaining unobtrusive. Players can choose from a vast muse of models, manufacturers and features to suit their fragging needs.