Select the pin number of the broken pin. When you select Other Envelope from the operator panel, the envelope is formatted at United States English English. All spaces and characters that follow are underscored. SO starts double-wide printing, which prints the characters twice as wide as the current character spacing.

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Tab stops can be pprs beginning with column 1. When you choose Onthe printer prints up to cps characters per second at 10 cpi. Use this control code to create overstrike characters. No line feed occurs unless the printer hardware has automatic line feed selected or the computer sends an ESC 5 to the printer. Use this option to set the data transfer rate baud for the serial interface.

The setting when you first switch power on is a tab stop every 8 positions, beginning at column 9. Downloading Printer Characters Start character download. The following commands enable you to use these enhancements:.

Ibm Ppds Emulation Control Codes – Epson DFX Reference Manual [Page ]

ESC Q n is intended for diagnostic purposes only. Set Emphasized Bold Printing Set the printer to print in emphasized-print mode.


For instructions on changing the settings, see Changing default settings. If no vertical tabs are set, the printer treats a vertical tab VT as a line feed LF. Text, rule and fill, bit image graphics, pppds plotter image graphics are unaffected.

CAN clears data in the preceding print buffer but does not change the current print position. The character spacing you select determines the exact movement of the print heard. Changes the value in the selected menu. The selection of envelope source and size automatically invokes landscape orientation at the next ppdx boundary.

PPDS – IBM Personal Printer Data Stream

If you wish to print the current settings, press the Ppdx button. The printer does not print when the printer cover is open. DC4 returns the printer to the previous character spacing. ESC U 1 sets the printer to left-to-right printing only.

Continuous Overscore Start or stop continuous overscoring overlining. Within this level, the typical differences among the printers are as follows:.

Bit 0 controls the bottom dot of the eight wires or dots that can printand bit ppdds controls the top dot as shown below. When you press the Offline button at the first item selection of each menu, the menu selection will also return to the main setup menu selection.


None of the above, continue with my search. Starts the bidirectional adjustment mode. For information on how to set text line spacing, see ESC A.

Epson DFX-9000 Reference Manual: Ibm Ppds Emulation Control Codes

If the selected paper size is loaded in the other pds, the printer automatically selects the drawer containing the correct size paper.

See PR2 Mode Settings.

IBM i Print Software version: ESC T cancels superscript or subscript printing. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. ESC R sets all horizontal tabs to the power-on setting. ESC S 0 changes the printer to superscript printing.