Multiple printer models supporting many market segments: Extra adjustable till inserts may be ordered. This till has five fixed coin and bill compartments and is for use with full size cash drawer features and With scalable fonts, characters can be printed up to eight times their standard size for a bold, attention-getting look. A specify code is not required. The printers usually feature a connector to control one or two solenoids in cash register drawers.

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Offerings, rates, terms, and availability may vary by country. A till cover is an optional feature for the till sjremark may be ordered separately. There is no physical journal station in these printers.

For complete details of this requirement, refer to the Sales Page Hardware Requirements section and the model descriptions for Models and Additionally, customers can now significantly reduce the number of paper changes by purchasing via an available RPQ large-diameter 15 inch paper rolls which can be mounted under a counter and fed through a slot in the printer base. Security, Auditability, and Control The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

sremark Multiple printer models supporting many market segments: Included is a Tiger TG or model These quiet, high-quality thermal receipt printers set a new standard for speed, delivering up to 52 lps for SBCS output and up to 50 lps for DBCS printing. Because both interfaces are provided on each printer, customers can choose the terminal platform that is best for them today with the knowledge that their printer priter is protected if they choose another platform in the future. The cover color of this model enables it to be integrated The cover color of this model is Pearl White for the top Call the REAL source!


IBM Ti2/Ti4/Ti6/Ti8 Sure Mark POS printers |

The printer responds with a status message to certain commands. However, it may be more convenient to order one per site. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat These receipt data improvements are achieved by waiting until the end of the transaction to print the receipt rather than printing after the entry of each individual line item.

The customer is responsible for replenishment of consumable supplies, including supply roll paper for thermal printers, inserted forms and ribbon cartridges for impact printing, and MICR read head cleaning cards for printers equipped with MICR readers.

There should be feet of red stripe surejark the end of the roll.

IBM 4610 SUREMARK Thermal 3 1/8 Inch x 230′ Paper 50 Rolls

Prices are subject to change without notice. Barcodes can be generated within the printer via simple datastream commands, improving throughput over application-generated barcodes. This allows large customers to initiate a download from a host rather than manually updating each printer. POSS for Windows provides an efficient application programming interface API for the device drivers along with utility aids for application development, error reporting and recovery, and sample software.

The customer is responsible for clearing paper jams, should they occur, and for performing diagnostics. The repair location will repair the unit and return it to the customer.


If IBM applications are being used, customers must be at the following level of applications if running with OS:. Documents are printed using the impact head. None required with the machine order.

Printer problems caused by supplies that do not meet these specifications may result in a billable service call, regardless of the existence of a service contract. This power supply is the only supported power supply for use with the SureMark printers and it should not be used with other devices. The paper should not be attached to the core in The till gives the customer flexibility to configure the till to accommodate different sizes of currencies.

This till is for use with full size cash drawer features and Printers attached using RS are supplied with 35V from the data cable.

IBM SureMark Printers: New Single-Station Thermal Printers

The IBM printer team has designed state-of-the-art functions into the new models providing point-of-sale users with significant improvements in printing speed, quiet operation, open interfaces, and exceptional usability: Support for feeding the printer from a very large paper roll, reducing paper roll changes and suremari costs.

Provides a cable for use when the cash drawer and printer are to be integrated. One roll of thermal paper and one ribbon cartridge are shipped with the product.