You just need to bypass any vendor software in my case it’s Virgin Mobile Home and just make sure you have the following settings in Network settings in System Prefs: I have just about given up now. I need internet access on the go for work. You know the part before the upgrade where they tell you to check all of your applications before you upgrade? Or is it a matter of just setting up the connection in the network Preferences? Navigate through the folders into Contents , then Resources.

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I’ve read above the problem could be a kind of conflict caused by the 64 bit It may not work for everyone but it does appear to work for some. Thanks for the useful article though, made the process nice and simple. All replies Drop Down menu. I am waiting to read from you soon please. I can power it from the USB and simply e106g the dongle into it.

SatriaMac: Setting Modem Huawei E di Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Aug 31, 6: This appears to also work with Mountain Lion as well according to some comments at the bottom. I have had these problems since upgrading to Mountain Lion on my old Macbook Pro. Finally that was the only posts that helped me!!!


I was running pillar to post for the past 2 days and both Apple and Reliance said NO. I’ve also tried to install hauwei driver only without the TIM’s software but nothing None of the above works for me.

Sep 11, 6: I installed and unistalled the software thousends of times but with no good results. Despite all the cheery packaging and instructions insisting you just connect the dongle to your Mac, click Connect and away you go, when using the device with Snow Huaweei, nothing of the sort happens. Your email address will not be published.

Sam Moffatt @ » Getting your Huawei modem working with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Lion

Does anybody know if you have a mobile broadband dongle that is not SIM locked if you need anything like software when you insert a different SIM? Sounds like a winner! Harry Davies Harry Davies.

I need help from you. Navigate through the folders into Contentsthen Resources. Thanks a ton Sam.

Setting up the O2 E160 mobile broadband dongle on Snow Leopard

Sep 3, 5: Sep 15, 7: I have tried reinstalling and restarting several times but the result e10g the same. My Provider is Vodafone Germany.


Thanks, solved the problem I was having with my MacBook Air. Hi does this work on Mac After frantically using Google to find a new driver to install and digging around the Huawei site trying to find a replacement driver I was getting to the point of doing some modifications to the com.

Anyone know where we can get updated drivers for the mac? The apn was already set within the device. However, I am not sure why when I try to use my Microsoft Outlook the modem is not strong enough to let me use this email but if it was the internet sites it is fine… Thank you thank you thank you GBU. On Mountain Lion this is what the Snlw Preferences screen s160g like: Thank you, thank you once again.

Aug 30, hauwei