That’s a good thing! Im going to go through the zoning with a fine tooth comb and probably delete and re-add the server. You see in each physical volume four PV names. The switch sees and captures these messages and reroutes them to the correct address. Answers to questions regarding supported configurations and newest technology can be found on the following websites: In theory, private loop devices can only communicate with other devices on the same loop, but see Translative Mode. So the in the port field is an indicator for PDA addressing.

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DP autoinitialised media with some data on it.

The last one to check is whether the failover mode is correct configured. PDA is the standard addressing scheme. Sep 15 HP Surestore Disk System ? To enable the tachykn channel protocol you do always need the FCMS driver as a foundation: Please NOTE that if there are many paths between the HP-UX host and the storage, for example, four paths; then all these four paths should be manually registered.


It was indeed a network restriction that we werent aware of on that vlan. The power supply and fan components are combined into a single module. Each controller has one 1Gb fibre channel interface to the host. The examples some pages ahead will help to ph this.


The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Micro Focus.

HP Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters : FibrChanl (td) B Fibre Channel Driver Release Notes

So you are good here as well. Which addessing mode to use when depends on the topology and the device. Hence a higher administration effort mostly in software is neccessary in order to establish a connection between two points in the network.

You can download SDM from an external website. Point-To-Point; direct connection between two nodes. However there is connectivty between the HP-UX host and Brocade switches, storage can’s see the pathes.

Find out Tachyon XL2 part number under HP-UX / |

Device that is connected over fibre channel host, disk array, bridge, …. In a fabric environment, the Area ID is generally associated with a physical port on a switch.

Switch Port that operates according to the P2P protocol. Now the HP-UX host should be registered successfully. I did re-run ioscan but the cards are still not showing up in connectivity status fibte the array.


It links to the good old Tachyon Times website. That’s a good thing! Tibre in via the terminal on your HP-UX system with your root account or an account that has sufficient rights. VSA addressed devices are: EMC re-routed me to an inside sales guy so i have little hope they will get me anywhere. A channel is typically used in situations where a high transfer rate is needed e. Its a Windows executable: Fibre is also a general term used to cover all physical media types supported by Fibre Channel, such as optical fiber, twisted pair, and coaxial cable.

Or does anyone have any helpful troubleshooting hints that I pco of missed?

A cable to cascade FC switches. The transmitting diode of one device is connected to the receiving diode of the other and vice versa. HP-UX differentiates between three addressing modes: When i try to add it manually it says it can connect.