Check the F10 BIOS settings to make sure the internal system speaker is not muted this setting does not affect the external speakers. You can also use Computer Setup to reconfigure or disable devices to resolve the resource conflict. Solving Processor Problems If you encounter processor problems, common causes and solutions are listed in the following table. Ensure that all cables are properly and securely connected and that pins in the cable or connector are not bent down. Feature available on NIC models only; the network controller must be either a PCI expansion card or embedded on the system board.

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DriveLock has been implemented as an extension to Computer Setup.

Desktop – HP DC Small Form Factor PC

Refer to the monitor’s user documentation for more information on the on-screen controls and settings. Message 1 of Verify Internet settings or contact your ISP for assistance. This feature allows the administrator the flexibility to protect changes to essential setup options, while allowing the user to view system settings and configure nonessential options.

The cables may not be connected properly. Follow the instructions on dox screen to create the configuration diskette or USB flash media device. Before You Call for Technical Support If you are having problems with the computer, try the appropriate solutions below to try to isolate the exact problem before calling for technical support.


Surge-Tolerant Power Supply An integrated surge-tolerant power supply provides greater reliability when the computer is hit with an unpredictable power surge. IDE – This is the most backwards-compatible setting of the three options.

HP Compaq dc Business PC – Desktop Management | HP® Customer Support

Computer Setup F10 Utility Heading. Turn on the external speakers.

Drive responds slowly immediately after power-up. This selection appears only if a power-on password or setup password is set. Press Enter for no label or enter one if desired. This is useful dps having the browser remember some specific information that the Web server can later retrieve.

Ensure that the cable and device at the other end are operating correctly. See the documentation that came with the Dc7900 drive. On—causes the computer to power on automatically as soon as power is restored. Enable the internal speaker in Computer Setup.

Fan idle mode—This bar graph controls the minimum permitted fan speed. Change the default drive letter for the flash drive in Windows. Can not write to the media card. Reseat the graphics card. Audio is hidden in Computer Setup. National Keyboard Delimiter Characters.


ME Flash Update

Device is not properly connected. Plug the headphones into the headphone connector on the front of the computer. System Health Scan—check for known hardware issues in your installed base of HP client systems.

Copy any files you want to keep from your USB flash media device bp a temporary directory on another drive for example, the system’s internal hard drive. The brightness and contrast controls are not set properly. Open the locking device on the diskette. Applies the currently selected default settings and clears any established passwords.

Power LED flashes Red eleven times, once every second, followed by a two second pause. Once bad card is dc79000, remove and replace bad option card.