Chryalar Motor Coca Cola Cot. Except for the Boaton Bruins, who continued their atrtng of games to fifteen without a defeat hv slnit- tlng out Pitt. Bast sees that the six pUyed by North Is the only card held by him of that ,sult higher than the one led; also. The Colonist Job Printing Department. Even in the lar-ofi parts of the world like the Sandwich I. Flour trade still very quiet. He held the office i for three years, but in entered!

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She showed a new trlvol- Ity. There is another point of view, that of the player. U well aware, and sympathetically aware, of tlie pnAlems of municipal governments. Calmont – at 1 as. Australia and Eastern Canada territory, with hffadquartera at Toronto.

Royal Jubilt-r lluhplUI j druggi-st In this city, and lias been proprietor of a drug. Toronto holds about the. It wasn’t at Bll a nice thing to see. It would hamper the company In tendering for private contracts in competition with firms In Vancouver or Heat tie The letter was referred to the public WOlfcs committee.


Vtaoi all over ,the country come letters in praise of the superiorities of Modess. On the motion of the Prime Minister, seconded by the Leader of the Opposition.

He hit gfglbst a Umb.

Brent Potter, of San Joae. Johnson, public works rnnineer of Albemi.

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Important business will be Dutch 1p. And it has been flBMla tha eOdal aoap te tha dfwainc radba of an tha gnat ifaB atadtoa. Southern Tfirllan Newport 2. C Shelly presenu pro- vincial financial statement Ammal report ,s r.

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Later President Storey, of the Atchison, was quoted M. The Department of Public Works. Amer- ican group tall enders, lost three more gamea. Sobm depart- ments, such as strip and sheet millt at times did better than that figure.

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John- Son took Laban Oeldart, who has been vUltlng in Vle orla. What was no- ticeable today was tha’t thU Mlllng was taken much better than has been the ca. Oar JO years’ experience is your guarantee of a good job. Poland, Mar’ h n An entire wedding party of thirty per- sons.


It is amaaogly absorbent. Following Jhe meet- ing a partner court whist drive will be held at 8: Suond, lAst year this report was not pf- sented to the eounell until the latter half ef Haswe and in previous years It was also well on in the middle of fl: But hitherto she had accepted Adelaide; now she began to think about her.

He tugsed over once In the air. OO Fur Repairs Do you know you hasee save money by li. NewbOe Noraada Ptnd Orcilla Strawberry Vale Carol Singers, per Mn.