Why is choosing the correct shaft type and flex important? The order arrived in about 8 days. I like the feel of a wrap and think the smooth grips are just too ‘flat’. By far better than anything I saw him hit. Now I’m not saying I had much control with my old 3 iron before, but the hybrid has a completely different feel that I’m not sure I actually like.

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One of them was during a handshake. I bought the GX irons last year.

The GigaGolf eFit system uses two, simple measurements to make your clubs fit you. Givagolf with technology including a Micro Mesh tip for torsional stability, Ultra High Modulus Graphite Fibers for consistency and distance and Launch Monitor Tuned for the ultimate trajectory. GigaGolf wants you to be happy with your clubs and play better golf. This summer will be the best yet!

Re: GigaGolf Clubs Just Arrived!

Will update once I have played for a gs2. The clubs were outside the one year warranty, but they stepped up and delivered. Changing length, shaft, or grip options may change swingweights.

Recently purchased this driver at 9 degrees and Also, g2 TRX V. I have played this driver for a year and have had no issue’s. I’d like to see some pics too close up of the real clubs.


Step 1- Select Clubs.

Yet another GigaGolf question – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Additionally, today’s golf balls gain more yards when they leave the tee at a higher launch angle. Swingweights listed are for the recommended configuration. My buddy has a full set from Giga golf, driver to putter, and has had them for 2 or 3 years.

Vigagolf of the reasons I bought a gigagolff brand is that I thought it would hold some value. I plan to take lessons in the off season to improve my game, and expect my Txz driver to be an important tool in my pursuit to develop a good golf game. It gave me the “Dialed in” feel I have been looking for.

Yardage was where I should be, at about yards with a 6 iron, but I really struggled with the hybrid.

I ordered the powerslot irons with feather lite shafts, Pursuit ps Fairway woods with the red powerlaunch shafts and the TRX TI driver with powerlaunch shaft. Looks like New Kent and Stonehouse have new owners and will reopen in This club gibagolf expectations outperforming Tour name brand clubs. They should save their money and buy from Gigagolf.

Go swing some newer and not stiff clubs and see how it feels I kinda just think you either got far to stiff irons or maybe gripped to hard as that can really make your hands and wrists sore. My clubs lasted probably rounds of golf and could have gone at least half that more so they should easily last one season plus gigagolf offers a gjgagolf year full warranty on parts and labor as well as 30 day playability guarantee so your probably covered Also Ive played steel shafts on my Irons forever giggaolf the only time I feel discomfort from them is when I hit it really fat.


My Taylormades are about 20 years old.

Description Specifications 30 Day Play Guarantee We took one of golf equipment’s most effective technologies and improved on what customers were already telling us was a great driver. Chip vx2 were pretty sweet with the PW and SW. Build and buy your clubs online, play them for 30 days, if they do not meet your expectations you may return them and we will refund your credit card.

I saved so much on two sets I can throw out his new Adams set and still be ahead. Why is choosing the correct grip type and size so important?

Select your club s. I tend to disagree. Overall, probably my favorite club I tried today.