The elements of the returned array will be of the oracle. They also have the advantage of being strongly typed, which can help you find coding errors during compilation that might not otherwise be discovered until run time. Putting varchars from a result set into an ArrayList Ask Question. Thanks for the help! The return type of the getArray method is java. Similarly, use the methods PreparedStatement. Perhaps you should consider doing your search on the database side.

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Putting varchars from a result set into an ArrayList

Where objArray is an oracle. Note that if you use getResultSet to obtain the array, then you must would first get the result set object, and then use the next method to iterate through jdbx. Oracle supports only named collections, where you specify a SQL type name to describe a type of collection. ARRAY class, which implements the standard java.

Therefore, orace result must be cast before it can be used. Here’s what the javadoc says: Aug 23, So Fir fetch the result setthen perform a getArray on it to fetch data for that column kmplemented an array, regionValidRS.


Please let us know if you have any other query. Putting varchars from a result set into an ArrayList Ask Question. Will have an update soon. Object containing a Java array of the elements. It, or a companion class, must implement the oracle. The custom collection class will have an oracle. In the case of nested tables, which are by definition unordered, the index reflects only the return order of the elements in the particular query. I was getting this error for sometime, but never needed to use any id after a insert.

Huh, how did I not see the other answers.

When you enable auto-buffering, the oracle. You are trying to use it with a varchar column and it just doesnt work like that.

AWS Developer Forums: SQL Workbench error with getArray

However, you cannot write to the array, because there are no setter methods. The non-character data inside the instance of a Datum class or any of its subclass remains in raw SQL format. An array of Java objects, such as xxx []where xxx is the name of a Java class. Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us.

If you do not specify a type map, or if the type map does not contain an entry for a particular Oracle object, then each element is returned as an oracle. That’s the only way. Hello Athena Team, Any update on this? For more information about custom collection classes, see “Custom Collection Classes with JPublisher”. ARRAY instances, makes it easier to catch errors during compilation instead of at run time.


Email Required, but never shown. Post as a guest Name. To do this, call the getArray method of the employeeArray array object. There is no faster way.

Is there another way to do this? Preferably a faster method which would not involve looping through all elements? It contains the rowid, which is a special pseudocolumn defined by Oracle. If you want to avoid casting the result set, then you can get the data with the standard getObject method specified by the java.