Then, just open Contacts and create a route. We will take into consideration freight charges, and compare with ours for a realistic comparison. Almanac – Using data from GPS satellites, the M5 can provide information about sun and moon positions and predict the best times for hunting and fishing. The M5 has integrated GPS functions with the Calendar so that you can create routes to your appointments. Rocklea North Sydney St. One other nice feature worth mentioning is the ability to choose between night, day, and auto for the display. You can view our full Price Match Policy here.

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So in a sense, the directions were correct in saying “keep left. You can also completely avoid specific roads or specific areas so that the M5 will never create a route that included that iqus-m5 or area.

If you’re looking for a street that has a prefix like “North” you choose the root name such as “Main” and the M5 prompts you to select the prefix from gramin list. I have somewhat shaky hands and I kept either choosing the wrong key or would double-strike a key.

Staff have been knowledgeable and polite You can detour around a certain length of your route or a certain turn. Garmib suspect that the flip-up antenna being away from the body of the M5 has something to do with the good performance.

Back to top of page. It also gives you the option using the pan tool or zoom tool.


Garmin USB Sync Cable iQue M5 (LE57)

You can set the M5 to avoid certain types of roads when creating routes. Will use them every time with pleasure. User Comments Average Customer Rating: Language GPS mode – WAAS or battery saver Units – distance, speed, direction, elevation, and depth Map orientation Map color Map detail Off-road navigation Data fields – customize the data fields that appear at the top of the Map page by changing the color and the amount and type of fields that appear Zoom options – control which map elements appear at a given zoom level Additional Features Measuring distances – Using the Distance tool on the Pan Toolbar, you can measure any straight-line distance on the map.

You can view our full Price Match Policy here.

One way to easily create a route is simply choose garimn point on the Map page and tap the QueRoutes icon. Each footprint, or track point, contains information about your position and speed and the current time. We do not typically match eBay pricing, unless the stock is purchased from genuine Australian dealers and do not match pricing from overseas resellers. Rocklea North Sydney St. The M5 has integrated GPS functions with the Calendar so that you can create routes to your appointments. The flip-up antenna is adjustable for best GPS reception.

It can be removed completely, but then there’s just one more thing to keep track of. For one test I chose a destination that would take me through some unconventional traffic situations. Suffice it to say that if you want it to do something a certain way, chances are it will do it. On any of the Find Pages you can search for a destination by: Our goal is to offer the widest range of GPS and accessories in the world, with the best specialist product knowledge, and competitive pricing.


Complex routes involve extra stops called “Vias. If you’re buying the M5 because it’s a cool new gadget, I think the price is a bit much. Return to GPS Home.

GPS Review – Garmin iQue M5

Using the stylus on the on-screen keyboard was a challenge. You can save your tracks and display them garmih QueMap. It’s nice to have but it does look kind of sloppy hanging there on the dashboard. Then the M5 gets placed in the well-built cradle for charging. Another potentially useful feature is Routing to Appointments. We will do our best to match a price, however cannot always. The Find Addresses page not shown has fields which you can fill in or select from a list.