By adopting multiple devices, the optimal placement based on usage together with standardised operations and configuration methods can all be achieved. In addition to printing envelopes, this MFD can satisfy your needs for printing sales promotion materials such as POP and packaging in small lots. It achieves an astonishing high-speed scanning of pages per minute. Even for printed materials that need that extra appeal, this MFD will promote your in-house printing together with higher speeds and lower costs. The back side is up-side-down compared to the front side. The orientation of my scanned data is all mixed up…. This, therefore, enables mobility management.

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This greatly contributes to reduced power consumption.

ApeosPort-III 4000

Beyond Department Barriers Beyond department barriers Various corporate needs are accommodated in total with the same product lineup.

OCR technology is utilised to automatically align the orientation of documents, skip blank pages, and save files by specifying a pre-registe red filename. E-mails are sent to your smartphone or tablet device so that you can check your faxes when you’re on the go. The standard tray can handle paper between 52 to gsm.

On top of performing authentication without using an IC card, the operation screen can be customised to the preference of each user. Managing and utilising standard documents invoices, contracts, and orders, etc. Multiple MFDs can be efficiently utilised while raising cost awareness, without the need to build a server. Smart Work Gateway Base Configuration comes standard with features below. Deciding which service to use and which to login to is a pain when using several cloud services….


ApeosPort-III Fuji Xerox

Apeo services can be used even without a computer if there is a multifunction device. Half-tones are also beautifully reproduced to allow smooth printing such as the softness of a baby’s skin and natural gradations of a blue sky. If your office is already using Cloud services, the services can be used immediately after the MFD is installed. ApeosPort VI Contact our sales team We make it easy for you to purchase products, supplies and services from us.

With Smart Work Gateway, you can boost flexibility, remove barriers, and give yourself the freedom to organise how you wish to work. In addition to excellent expandability and customisability, the ApeosPort series provides functions to contribute to reduce administration work and prevention of information leaks.

For details, see “With more variation”. Smart power saving divides the MFD into four units the document feeder, control panel, output unit, and controllerand only powers up the units whatever is currently required.

ApeosPort-V C7775

Immediately Cloud services ready Devices are preinstalled with an application for directly accessing Cloud services for printing and scanning. Allowing you to print stored photo albums, web pages or shoot and print on the go from your iOS or Android device.

Portable Document Format Download Resource. Even more remarkable is the new toner, which grain size is one of the smallest in the industry.


The orientation of my scanned images are off by 90 degrees. It’s effective in reducing forgotten prints and in securing your documents. Devices are preinstalled with an application for directly accessing Cloud services for printing and scanning.

The devices have evolved to become even quieter than previous models. Wasteful printing is reduced by deleting or correcting incorrect print jobs from the MFD control panel. Proposing the creation of such systems ufji a strength of Fuji Xerox. Simply put, it is an employee and customer eccentric approach to change the environment you work in.

Solving your scanning mistakes. As with “Scan Auto”, the scanned images can be automatically aligned correctly, blank pages can be omitted and a filename can be automatically generated, etc. SSL communication and encrypted storage assure the security of your stored data.

Business reports and annual reports can be printed in large quantities and smoothly processed with high-speed printing and finishing. Efficiency is promoted without placing a burden on employees, including the administrator. Scanned documents don’t reach my new PC Help information can also be printed out and displayed on mobile devices apeow videos can also be viewed on mobile devices.