For your problem, my approach would be to listen to every sessionCreated and sessionDestroyed event and store the user information from those sessions into an object that is stored in servlet context. You do not need to create database module. The number of rows affected by an SQL statement is a metadata. It creates four database tables, authors, books, testing, and images. Not sure exactly what it was in the end, a lot of mucking around on server.

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To start a java.sql.sqlexxception transaction, we turn the autocommit off. Please check whether you have put mysql connector in classpath. It returns false when there are no more rows in the result set.

‘Exception performing authentication’ using JDBC Realm (Tomcat forum at Coderanch)

When i access the protected page, because the cookie is not present it will get redirected to login page. Hi Marouane, one reason could be that your application was not able to connect to database hence could not read username and password from table. We’ll help you migrate to the Microsoft driver in a later release.


PostgreSQL has changed the way bytea data is stored. Having resolved this issue, now working on my SSL. Dec 25, Notice that NetBeans or other applications might use older drivers.

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What do you see in stacktrace? I rename the folder protected to authentification and protected. In the java.sql.sqlesception code, we will copy the friends table to a file.

pperforming Now that we are trying to access a protected file based on url pattern, the container will take us to the login page as per our configuration in web. The method returns an array of committed changes. We recommend using the thin drivers only. Hello, it seems that your web application security configuration is fine but it cannot access data from database.

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Database setup for Oracle. The following two tabs change content below. We must also java.sql.sqlexception the books associated with this author. Driver That would seem to indicate that the userid and password you’re using are not valid for the particular way that you’re logging in which should be via the loopback device on JDBC is oriented towards relational databases.

PostgreSQL Java tutorial – PostgreSQL programming in Java

If you’re referring to the usage of quotes in the MySQL error message in the SQLException, its usage of single and double quotes is just plain bizarre. Hi Lawra, I would have created a simple jdbc program using jdk 1. I think your connection url is wrong, Please check the connection url, I execption its missing the por number.


The driver will assume port by default. After we run the application, we verify the data.

The properties are loaded into the Properties class with load. Hello Sarra, Thanks for reading this tutorial.

According to you, what is the problem? In this program, we select authors from the authors table and their books from the books table. Reply it is giving an error as like this: Is there any other place to look for issues? Restart Confluence then go to http: Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.