They said “Sorry about your luck, your one year warrantee is up”. I bought new ink, and the message is still the same. So when you call them. They told me to dispose of the CX in an approved way. I loved that printer. I was this close [ ] to setting the Epson headquarters on fire.

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When I called them they were very nice and forgiving, and willing to help. Oh, are you still selling the ? I called them to see if I could use the ink in any other printer, and they said, “No, but send us the unused ink for a refund”, and that’s what I did. Fortunately, thanks to the information provided by you good folks, I was fully prepared for my call in to Epson Tech Support to resolve my printer problem.

It pays prijter be persistent and armed with info from this thread I am the only one who prints with it. In scanning tests, the printer did a bit better, averaging 5 ppm for grayscale documents, 3 ppm for color, and an un-impressive copying speed of 1.

Just for giggles I plug it into cx400 laptop for one last check and guess what? Dont turn off your printers trust me the run better when left epspn. I also own an Epson CX with blank pages and repeated head cleanings.

Epson Stylus CX review: Epson Stylus CX – CNET

But she gave me hope– She let me know that they are open on Saturdays, from 10am-7pm. I’ll be looking at Cannon printers today! They were polite, I will give them that. However, why would I consider continuing with Eepson based on their track record? As expected, I had a mostly similar and positive experience with these folks.


Another fix I’d like to see invented is a wpson ink cartridge holder for ease of removing and cleaning with a cheap cleaner rather than with expensive ink that just makes the clogs worse. I just dragged one of these out of the trash.

Everyone should know by now, that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to “get a freebie” from a warranty without a receipt or registration I called the customer service center last night. I’ve been using the Epson CX since Januaryand aside ;rinter all the head cleaning with the associated waste of ink I’ve had no problems up until now. Why dont they have a 24 hour line?

I was very upset with Epson, but after this kind of customer service, I am impressed. He said he didn’t want me to call them anymore because I was inconvenienced enough, he wanted to fix the problem.

Saw your posting and hope you can help. The article I read said to fill this tray and sponge area with windex and let sit for an hour, and this would prinfer the congealed ink. Any other tricks that anyone knows of? I am having the exact same problems with my ,so they are going to send me a ,but I can only run Mac 9.


Epson CX4600

When he asked for my purchase date I told him that the receipt was from the date previouly detailed. I used my cel phone, and the tech support guy seemed to relish in extending my call for as long as possible I used up my cel phone credits in just that one call; so much for avoiding crazy communication charges before giving me an RMA code to send the non printing epspn back to them just to get a new I’m joining the chorus of CX users who have experienced the same ink-jam as have been described by just about everyone on this forum.

I didn’t know what to do and found this web site. Yes, I too had big problems with my CX I’m gonna have to open it up and clean it. I will never by Epson ever again!

Thanks to everyone here for your assistance with the resolution s to the issues with the It is free but it is prone to the same problems the tech said What the hell do I do with the new black ink cart I just installed? No lancelot, the ink carts don’t fit in the