Completely blank pages are printed. This is not a solitary case of somebody being unable to play minesweeper. Click on the [OK]. Available Paper by Feeder Print a status sheet or engine status sheet, and check the current firmware version.

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With Ubuntu I get the flashing data light like Nickpick does, but I don’t advancex the click or the printing. Chris and perhaps Matt, toocan you tell me whether you needed a manufacturer- supplied driver to make your printer working under Karmic? Clean and re- damage and wear, and check attachment.

I’d like to chime in and say that Felix’ fix doesn’t work for me either. Ok Till, I tried Karmic.

Epson AcuLaser CX11 Service Manual

How did you get your printer working in Karmic? Serial number of main unit Date: If not, why is CX11 affected? Go to Step [25]. This setup was previously working well under 8. This bug is probably a duplicate: Does this actually exist? Should I start trying Epson drivers from other model series? Indicated as the specified value set for each media to control the engine. Matt, you also seem to have a Xerox WorkCentre printer configured, but it doesn’t actually turn up in your recent screenshot.



The dedicated tool is shown below. Go to Step [16]. The IP settings have been derived correctly and even the fill level of the toner cartridges seems to be determined.

I have a similar issue with the Epson T24 and other users are having with different epson printer models: Page The parts to which no reference number COPTI is assigned will not be available as after-sale service parts. Safety Information, Power Supply Safety Information To prevent accidents during a maintenance procedure, strictly observe the Warnings and Cautions and never depart from the instructions given in this document. The only reported I could find is like this, and appears many times: I tried printing to USB but TonerCart Error M Do all of the wiring below have normal Download full text 3.

Safety Devices Use extra care when checking or servicing the safety devices e. Never perform dangerous operations.

Printing start position accuracy Main scanning direction a-b 1. Till, I’m sure I haven’t uninstalled it, perhaps it is installed on a clean install of Button Names Displayed in Panel Self Diagnosis All the modules on the fax unit advnced below are checked if they are operating normally and the results are displayed on the panel.


An Make a test print of the problem image. Cover Open Error Possible parts that caused the error 3.

Page 32 Paper with punch holes or perforations Monochrome: My Epson T20E printer is detected as advajced with a T20 driver but when used to print there is no any output on the printer. Djoko, your problem is a completely different one, most probably it is bug or bug Each time the button is pressed, the current mode is switched. Execute a test print, turn the power OFF when you think that the image la process is in progress during printing, and check the paper.