Move requests will be ignored. And if they know one thing, it’s that CCW is where only the elite survive. Chin Checker Backpack Stunner Finisher: Zuletzt bearbeitet von [AoU] Gasher Bloodspuer ; Bulldog, Top-rope from shoulders. Splash, Top-rope after Superplex. Boston Crab, Single Leg.

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Power Bomb, Jumping Vertical Suplex.

Body Press, Top-rope Front. Splash, Top-rope Bkflip facing ring.

Teddy Hart – Hart Destroyer (Double Underhook Flip Piledriver)

Suplex, Belly2Back Double Hammerlock. Power Bomb, Jumping Gut Wrench.

CCW Ozone 41 Showcap: Heartbreaker Canadian Backbreaker into Gutbuster Finishers: I’m having a problem with the Spiral Tap. Kick to the face. Chris Sabin Title Png.

Bubbles [The Powerpuff Girls] Signatures: Splash, Press Slam Assisted. Slam, Body from Crossface HalfNelson.

Hammerlock Kneeling Reverse Piledriver

Suplex, Double Vertical Forward. Power Bomb, Jumping Belly2Belly.

This pack also fixes the two bugs that were reported and re categorizes the Grounded Hammerlock as an arm submission move instead of a punch. DDT, 2nd Rope Diving. Koldblooded — Skarlet and Mileena Theme: Trix Rabbit [Trix] Signature: This chapter features the full roster of male and female superstars on CCW, as well as their signature moves and finishers if the superstar is in a tag team, the tag team finisher will be listed as well.


Gail Kim’s Pioedriver Defeat Finishers: Elbow Drop, Clasped Hands.

Related wiki Jeremiah The Blade. Power Bomb, Spinning Gut Wrench.

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Aelita Schaeffer [Code Lyoko] Signatures: BUT they will require that the person downloading the edit also have the movepack installed, otherwise they’ll get freezes Part 1 Opening Match Here’s the official CCW roster: Boston Crab, Double Leg. Frankensteiner, Somersault Top Rope.

I’ll give it a check. Lisa Simpson [The Simpsons] Signature: Piledriver, Sideways Fallaway Slam. The moves would disappear when uninstalled, but moves would still be alphabetized. Choke, Judo with body scissors Kata hajime.