It is meant for real hardware. If you want respect, gain it by your behavior. Honestly backporting all the changes to Windows which is already done gives for an overall better experience much like crispy chocolate doom. The Time Quest running, but dont work direct3d: Also some games dont work on modern systems with patches even example, Warhammer The glide3x notice 3!

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If so, one of us should continue development on it.

That it works at all on DOSBox is a side-effect. So far, I have tried: Try and run Silver on anything else than an authentic Windows 98 box The problem is specially games designed for windows It is meant for real hardware. Use these builds to test the latest official SVN changes:. If you are interested in trying an SVN build in hopes that it will fix a problem doosbox having in the latest release version, you should probably start with a “plain” no-enhancements SVN build. Neozeed worked on initial porting efforts with me and once we got it into a playable state Sezero joined in.

I wasn’t aware that it was being asked all that frequently yet, at least, not here, but maybe I missed some discussion on the matter. The Time Quest running, but dont work direct3d: If you’re having trouble running a game with dosboxx current DOSBox release, it’s worth trying an SVN build to see if the problem has been addressed since then.


Thought I doubt it will happen anytime soon, at least Windows 3. The real target was always physical machines the amount of dowbox we wasted booting DOS on P2 and higher machines to make sure it runs is. Doabox the work is in progress Time Quest on some Nvidia cards – dont sure about dosbx line – part of the screen is black;Settlers 4.

3Dfx compatible

Select all timedemo 1 demomap demo1. Install was simple and without special problems. One that would emulate machines with hardware that the user can specific. Stop wasting time trying to emulate it as it’s going to run slow and we are not interested in supporting it.

Many people prefer them due to the included extra features that are not included in in the SVN. Board index All times are UTC.

If Win9x emulation would not have been needed, nobody would and did. It answers your questions.

At the time of this writing, the last official release 0. The glide3x notice 3! Consult this forum thread for info on how to regenerate a config file. Also some games dont work on modern systems with patches even example, Warhammer If it hasn’t, post as much information as possible see the help request guidelines. Every now and again someone who is clearly misinformed things this is some glide-related project.


VOGONS • View topic – QDOS / Q2DOS with 3Dfx OpenGL on DOSBox

You will have to contact a glide wrapper author. Users browsing this forum: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Problem reports for the other builds should be addressed to their respective maintainers, as problems could be caused by experimental patches that aren’t part of the official SVN source code. Other builds contain only a custom dosbox executable binary e. Let’s face it, there’s no new Glide-using software these days, so dsobox question of “can we get it to work within emulation?

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