Simply log in to access the intuitive analytics features, and communicate with your network online. You can make razor-sharp images of the Iris with the magnification of times that allows you to see details that can hardly be seen by the naked eye. For the best look and feel and enhanced durability we offer models in robust aluminum alloy housing. Inputs, Outputs, and Buttons: The top model with a 1. No clear orientation of which way is up.

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Inputs, Outputs, and Buttons: Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. The MoleScope device attaches to your smartphone, allowing you to perform fast and reliable mole checks from home.

How Does MoleScope Work? Have peace of mind. Podiatrists have several tools at their disposal such as a foot mirror and a foot scanner, but they can also use the Dino-Lite PodoScope.

Too narrow viewing angle, focus depth of field narrow approx mmdifficult to tell which end is up, far out focus distances produce LED artifact on the screen. This allows better imaging of the skin layers, lesions and nevi. The high-quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural color image with lte low aberration and vignetting. Power Source For Light. Microscopes, varioscopes Dino-Lite Capillaryscope Capillaroscopy is the examination of the capillaries tiny blood vessels of the skin at cino nailrim.


Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery Dino-Lite PodoScope A podiatrist is a medical professional that can diagnose and treat diseases of the foot and ankle.

Cheap materials, no loose parts, lightweight, easy to hold in hand. Focus ring tension a bit firm, but holds position well and cannot be operated with one hand. For the best look and feel and enhanced durability we offer models in robust aluminum alloy housing. Simply log in to access eaescope intuitive analytics features, and communicate with your network online.

Dino-Lite AM311H Earscope Handheld Digital Microscope

No clear orientation of which way is up. MoleScope is the basic smartphone add-one with replaceable batteries.

The Dino-Lite TrichoScope is a perfect liite for trichoscopy, as the digital microscope is a great tool to study the scalp, hair shaft and the hair itself in detail. General Notes On Device.

The Dino-Lite Edge series is a special category within the Universal range, the Edge series provide an even better image quality and greater flexibility. DermEngine is easy to liet, and has no complicated setup or maintenance. IriScope pictures can have a resolution of up to 1,3 megapixel and the specially designed front cap can be placed on the eye dibo to get the right distance for a perfect picture.

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Inspection camera CMOS camera High-resolution camera Megapixel camera Laboratory microscope Visible camera Full-color camera Vision processing camera Optical microscope Laboratory camera Digital camera microscope Analysis microscope Microscope camera LED illumination microscope Measuring microscope Inspection microscope Educational microscope Scientific vision camera High-resolution microscope Opto-digital microscope.


The Online Industrial Exhibition. Our hassle-free intelligent dermatology platform is easy to use and allows eascope to focus on your patients – not the process.

USB Microscopes:AMH Dino-Lite Earscope

The cross-platform system is available anytime, anywhere. With this model, the physician has the added function of blowing a puff of air into the ear canal to assess the mobility of the eardrum. Log in to DermEngine with your MoleScope email and password to access additional mole imaging tools and view all of your images on your desktop.

All of the benefits mentioned earlier are obviously also applicable ezrscope this model.

Do not use detergent or volatile solutions. Also, people with foot problems caused by, for example rheumatism or diabetes mellitus, visit the podiatrist. If the extra cap is used, it is also possible to take an image with a larger surface area with a magnification of approximately 10x.

The images, either still photo or video, can be stored digitally and easily added to a patient file or forwarded to a colleague.