The first screen is a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines, which should be straight and evenly spaced. The password setting changes to Enabled. Page Optional Stand: Dell OptiPlex GX1 Small-Form-Factor System User’s Guide Device List provides access to the Device List screen where you can choose from a list of available boot devices to boot from and specify the order in which your computer attempts to boot from these devices. Replace the computer cover, and reconnect your computer and peripherals to their power sources and turn them on.

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Troubleshooting Expansion Cards Remove all expansion cards except the video card. Page 36 DIMM sockets on the system board. The five keyboard subtests confirm the following keyboard functions Replace the computer cover.

Make sure cables are not routed over the drive cage—they will prevent the cover from closing properly. The test results can be confusing, so Dell suggests running the subtests in the Diskette Drives Test Group more than once using diskettes from different sources.

On the left side of the screen, the Available Test Group area lists the diagnostic test groups in the order they will run if you select All from the Run menu category. DIMM sockets on the system board. Don’t have an account?


Sound Sound determines whether the integrated audio controller is On or Off. Page Video Memory: Drivers village conference center cicero ny So if you help t received the dell yetyou too won t be hard it for a Dell optiplex gx sound drivers. Referbished Dell after 3 yrs with computer no sound all of suden.

I have a Dell optiplex gx with MB of ram and a nvidia geforce fx the audio drivers only went to win so i installed a sound card and. For the telephone number to call, see the contact numbers for your region.

You can assign a setup password, as described in “Assigning a Setup A program is not running as usual, or a proven piece of software appears to malfunction and you confirm that the software itself is not at fault.

Remove all expansion cards except the video card. Software Reset Test Checks for the presence of an active audio controller in your system Turn fell and unplug your computer.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Free Driver Download (Official) for OS/2 () – REXE

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Small-Form-Factor System User’s Guide If you do not hear sounds from your built-in speakers when you expect to, it is possible that your operating system or sound application uses resource settings different from those of xg1 audio controller in the computer.


If system security is a concern, you should operate your system only with system password protection. Page Help Overview: Troubleshooting a Wet Computer Liquids can damage your computer. If the Dell Diagnostics determines that the system board is faulty or if the Dell Diagnostics does not identify the cause of the problem and the problem is still not resolved, see “Getting Help” Controls And Indicators Setup and Operation: Page 39 Features of the Dell Diagnostics The Dell Diagnostics provides a series of menus and options from which you choose particular test groups or subtests.

Download free drivers and software for OptiPlex GX1 (Dell)

Password Status System Setup Options: Cover was previously removed. The Welcome to support. Page 55 Dell Diagnostics: Press inward on the two drive shelf release tabs, and pull the shelf forward and out of the chassis see Figure 1.

Figure 7 shows an example of the first of these screens. Parallel Mode System Setup Options: Replace the computer cover, and reconnect your computer and peripherals to their electrical deell and turn them on.