In Windows Media Player, try improving performance by lowering the quality of the playback. The problem is that it locks up when it recognizes it. From multimedia design and presentation to database and project management, the XPi CD moves quickly and efficiently. How much does the XPi CD weigh? Since Dell sells direct, you can add whatever extra features and software you like. I was wondering if anyone else was having any similair problem with an older computer and windows 2k? So I have 64mb of ram.

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Dell Latitude XPi CD

How can I improve and maintain the life of my battery? Latitude XPi CD http: I also love Hayao Miyazaki Films. I have never noticed any degradation in performance when upgrading to the latest service packs with any install of Can the XPi CD use bit network cards? soknd

Recent content Alpha syntauri with Apple IIe or europlus. Every component, from the tilt-support legs to the keyboard, feels solid and built to last. Skip to main content. Yes, but not very well. I soun a confession to make.

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General What do the letters XPi stand for? Although the chassis for the XP and XPi share almost the same dimensions, it’s probably unlikely that there’ll be a perfect fit.

Dell Latitude XPi CD | Applefritter

Thanks for posting the info coius! This applies to Windows XP users. Finally, the monitor stand can provide a convenient place to put an external monitor if you also have an external keyboard and mouse. Standby mode saves whatever you were doing to the laptop’s RAM chips, and thus requires a steady, but minimal, source of power.

The truth is I was prejudiced. For added convenience there’s a second IrDA port on the front of the unit, an extremely useful feature if, you’re going to be using the notebook in conjunction with a PDA xpk handheld computer. Its printed owner’s manual and online user’s guide are both outstanding.

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One function I particularly appreciate was the system status key – F3. So I threw out the dell. To fix this, turn this setting OFF in the Xircom advanced properties delll.


I’ll need to tinker with those DMA settings and see if that takes care of it. Thanks for the tip, Andreas!

Back to top What kind of RAM does it take? January 20, – 9: April 8, – Do you know if it will work with Pro Edition, where I won’t have to use the floppy boot disk very slowand can you xxpi yours latiitude boot from CD?

I was wondering if anyone else was having any similair problem with an older computer and windows 2k? And I love it! If you’re using a bit network PCMCIA card or the 3com port replicatoryou’re exchanging data below 10Mbps, which is equivalent to under 1.

The solution is just as simple: The XPi has long been demoted to “the living room browser device” so speed is not an issue with this laptop. My name is Rev.