For more information, see the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide. Lower isolation levels permit greater concurrency of access to data such as when you have multiple readers and infrequent updates. You can use ij commands to set properties or create a separate properties file. It also supports integrating external user authentication schemes; for example, it can be configured to check with an external authentication service. Do not use sleep and interrupt calls to notify threads that are accessing a database, because Cloudscape will catch the interrupt call and close the connection to the database. However, in a few rare cases, you can use the database connection URL and the attributes you want as an argument to DriverManager. For example, when the cloudscape.

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A Cloudscape database contains dictionary objects such as tables, columns, indexes, and jar files. This is useful for improving performance, not for improved recovery. The Information Error Log Once you create or connect to a database within a system, Cloudscape begins outputting information and error messages, if any. In most cases, you access databases from the file system as described above.

When accessing databases from the file system instead of from class path or a jar fileany path that is not absolute is interpreted as relative to the system directory. The text file cloudscape. Moving forward, think Derby for the core database features and IBM Cloudscape for the supported commercial release. All data in such a database is decrypted by the database engine when read and re-encrypted when written back to disk.


The first time I used the Connection Wizard to connect to the example database magicthere was an error message. Severe and non-recoverable corruption can result and may have already occurred.

You can specify only databases that are local to the machine on which the JVM is running. It covers the following topics:. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

This warning is primarily a Technical Support aid to determine the cause of corruption.

If you want to work with the database manager’s source code, browse to the Apache Software Foundation Derby incubator web site http: Double-Booting System Behavior Cloudscape attempts to prevent two instances of Cloudscape from booting the same database by using a file called db. This archive cloudsscape in the class path before you start up Cloudscape.

The connection string can also serve other purposes.

IDSDriver For more information, visit the official web site. You can add attributes such as user ID, password, jbdc name, log device name, and whether to create a new database.

The system directory contains any persistent system-wide configuration parameters, or properties, specific to that system in a properties file called cloudscape. An example use of the database connection URL: Recovery ensures that all committed transactions at the time the system failed are applied to the database, and all transactions that were active are rolled back. Earlier versions of Cloudscape were certified for JDK 1. Read-only database directories can be archived and compressed, if desired into jar or zip files.


LOG in the system directory, although you can also have Cloudscape send messages to a stream, using a property. One Cloudscape per System You could potentially cloidscape two instances of Cloudscape running on the same machine at the same time, but each instance must run in a different system; two separate instances of Cloudscape should not access databases within the same system.

Preconfigured JDBC Drivers

For more information about properties, see Tuning Cloudscape. The error log lives inside the system directory. For information on using this utility, see the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide.

The way you specify an absolute path is defined by the host operating system see java. You still need to install the corresponding driver to use the connection template.

Cloudscape Version A technical overview

To shut down the system, you do not specify a database name, and you must not specify any other attribute. The initial steps of a JDBC program include loading the appropriate driver and connecting to the database. For example, an int parameter would be declared as int[] and a String parameter would be declared as String[] so a value could be returned in embedxed.