Even in low light, the camera produces vivid colors with little noise. There are, for example, three separate displays for the two channels of audio controls so that you can’t help keeping tabs on your levels. This is the standard charger and power source for the GL2. Through this is considered a pro-sumer camera it barely has enough features to create quality video – no xlr jack, no manual zoom, a horribly annoying auto-power off function that has a tendency to turn off at the most inopportune times. It attaches to the camcorder’s advanced accessory shoe, providing power and connections without any wires. With excellent video quality, a long list of video, still and time-lapse options and a You can store only six high-resolution photos on the supplied 8MB SD memory card, so you’ll probably need to purchase a larger one.

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Has tendency to exhibit dirty head warnings, in spite of using Dmg-l2 HD tapes. Both zoom motor and tape transport were quiet, so as not to contaminate the sound track.

Should you choose to ride those levels manually, you’ll find the right and left channel controls located on two dedicated dials. Connects 2 XLR style microphones.

Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder Review

Autofocus performs admirably, even at the far end of the zoom range, which is an improvement on our experience with the XL1S’s 16X optical zoom. Log into your account. The GL2 generally lived up to our high expectations for its performance. A new system case, the HC, is designed specifically to fit the XL2, complete with lens, standard microphone and viewfinder fitted.


Don’t show this again. Included Memory Card Capacity. Pixel Shift This feature solves common shooting dilemmas by using a signal processing technique called Pixel Shift, which has been used in professional grade video cameras for many years.

Unfortunately, the mic is nearly omnidirectional. Best Video and Action Cameras for I love the top loading feature which is expected in a product like this. There are ways to fake the 24p film look with the GL2 but its a pain in the butt and still vm-gl2 quite look the same.

An improved design and higher resolution make this better than the original fly, but We found the rocker switch very easy to control and quite smooth, and the camera’s variable zoom settings let you control how quickly the zoom motor accelerates in response to your touch.

The GL2 also trims about half a pound from the VX’s weight, easing the dmm-gl2 on your arms for handheld shooting and making this a dramatically lighter handheld alternative to Canon’s own XL1S.

Canon GL2 review: Canon GL2 – CNET

The GL2 comes with a large eyecup attachment to make the viewfinder easier to see in bright light, and you can adjust its focus with the diopter lever underneath, too. It does not have a lens cap. Buy a camera with 24p and more lens control. Building on Canon’s expertise in 35mm photographic and broadcast TV lenses, the GL2 is equipped with Canon’s exclusive L-Series Fluorite optical technology for outstanding imaging power and shooting versatility in a lightweight, portable design.

Shutter Max Shutter Speed.

A six-blade circular iris, as found on the top-of-the-line XL1 and XL1S models, is used for professional exposure control, helping to deliver stunning video and still photos.


Direction Accurate Microphone This camcorder’s built-in microphone incorporates two pairs of pick-up elements each for left and right.

Skip to main content. I love the ability to adapt many option when in manual or user preference mode. Everything you’d ask of a cwnon camcorder is here–automatic and manual focus and exposure control, the latter augmented by programmed autoexposure settings to let you quickly adapt to a variety of cano circumstances–in addition to standout features such as nearly two megapixels of still-photo resolution. Take advantage of up to 7 hours and 30 minutes of uninterrupted power with the optional BPG power pack.

The GL2 is designed to handle two types of analog input and output: The GL2 looks very video-ish and not enough like film. Playback controls are located in a panel on the camera handle. Instead, this data remains hidden until you select it for display during playback or editing.

You might forget, for instance, that to select one of the four programmed-exposure modes, you’ll need to actuate a switch on the lower left side of the camera body, then push in the d-mgl2 labeled only Select in other modes, it’s used for other purposesthen choose from an onscreen menu.

Using the GL2’s Remote Control, Easy Photo Search lets you scan through the still pictures, even if they’re recorded between sections of moving footage.

It’s great for dm-tl2 copies or preserving precious originals.