Remove the wrapping material and peel off the adhesivetape from the underside of the cartridge. Colors are printed withemphasis on saturation. Push the retaining lever 2 towards the rear of the printerto lock the fuser in place. The latest C family from Oki aims to change all that by delivering support for A3 paper sizes and a good turn of speed at a sensible price…. Set paper size dial 3 to the size of paper being used A4in the above example.

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Repeat this removal procedure for each of the remainingimage drum units. Printdr achieve this speed the printer requiresan additional time to warm up and cooldown when switching to 26ppm for colourpages. Duplex unit when fitted. An output speed of 40ppm combined with an impressive array of security functions, flexible media options and eco-friendly operation make the SP CDN the ideal solution for your colour print needs.

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These new settings will be saved as the printer driverdefaults. Prjnter the printer nameand choose Properties. The Windows printer driver also contains settings for many ofthese items.

First output speed — full colour: Put simply, the reason for our continued success is due to our commitment to achieve the following:. Cover pageChoosing a cover page may help you to identify your printeddocument in a large pile of paper.


Holding the cartridge by its top centre with the colouredlever to the right, lower it into the printer over the imagedrum unit from which the old cartridge was removed. A license key is required in order to use this software.

It alsoenables booklet printing, which uses even prinher paper and makeslarge documents even easier to handle. Then allow thepressure release lever to rise again.

Paper handlingPage printed can choose to print your document in the normal pageorder 1,2, In thiscondition paper will exit via this path, regardless of driversettings. Pack the old cartridge prunter the packaging material fordisposal. There is no support plan Operating System: Auto Tray SwitchIf the printer runs out of paper in the current tray, Auto TraySwitch automatically changes to a tray that has the same papertype and continues printing.

Put the assembly down gently onto a piece of paper toprevent toner from marking your furniture.

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Adjust the rear stopper and paper guides 2 to the size ofpaper being used. Offering a next generation, mobile-ready user experience, the AltaLink B Priner is built for ease of use, security and This unitrequires replacement approximately every 80, pages.


Up topages Printer language: You will need to switch your printer off and back on againafter changing the LCD display language. If required, this can be changedto: The green image drum surface at the base of eachcartridge is very delicate and light sensitive.

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For example, ifyou are printing on normal A4 paper, do not select Labelsor Transparency as this may cause toner smearing andpaper jams. The High Quality Multilevel setting produces the best graphicimages but it can take longer to print. Observing safety rules for lifting and, using locatingguides aplace printer on top of the additional papertray. Where applicable, factory default settings are shown in bold typein the following tables.

Featuring a Smart Oper Close the top cover. Load paper long edge feed LEF letter headed paper face down printeer top edge towards the right of the printer 1 up to mark a.

Highlights of other reviews: Remove the wrapping material and peel off the adhesivetape from the underside of the cartridge. To prevent paper jams: