Do this for all license objects. Loading Broadcom Advanced Server Program. The other VLANs will be automatically bound. This section describes how to perform the following tasks: Be sure to load BASP.

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Disconnect or connect the adapter cable. The Novell monitor program and the config command are also useful for viewing driver configuration properties. For more information, see Verifying or Modifying Adapter Parameters. Set the maximum packet receive buffers to three times the minimum packet receive buffers.

Other versions of each driver may be obtained from the company that developed the driver. The other VLANs will be automatically bound. Press ESC, and then select Yes to save. LAN 9.

Select the company below and view a list of available drivers, which are categorized under the names of their companies by operating system. Note that standby is only valid for Smart Load-Balance mode. Go directly to Marvell’s technical support website.

Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

LACP can be configured active or passive on the team and most switches allow active or passive selections on a nteware port basis. This mode is also protocol- independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant.


broadco, In some cases the user may want to force the adapter to FD. Select a frame type, type any special parameters refer to B Standby interfaces will take over in the event that all primary interfaces have lost their links. The system must be restarted for the new configuration to take effect. When this keyword is used, the switch to which the adapter cable is connected to must be forced. IPX traffic will be load-balanced in outbound direction only.

The poll brozdcom may increase driver performance in some environments. Only IP traffic will be load-balanced in both inbound and outbound directions.

The Generic Trunking mode requires the ethernet switch to support some form of port trunking mode e. Thanks to Marcel Cox for this information. The other betware types will be automatically bound. Note that at least one side server or switch must be in LACP active mode for it to work. Cisco’s Gigabit EtherChannel or other switch vendor’s link aggregation mode.


Install the NetWare 5 support pack after you have successfully installed the operating system on the server. Go directly to Alcatel’s technical support website.

After one or more NIC adapters are bound to a virtual adapter, additional frame types can only be loaded in the virtual adapter if the corresponding frame types are also loaded in netsare bound adapters. New Compaq version of the Q57 driver 6.

Certified LAN Drivers

The latest support pack can be found at: LAN before the network drivers as outlined above. Configuration Properties for the B Since I put this web page up and provided a workable beta version of the drivers, netwaer Compaq and Broadcom have made newer versions available, at links shown below.

Be sure to load BASP. This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant. The default setting is AUTO.