He started karting in the early s and then rose through the ranks in Formula Ford and the Porsche Carrera Cup. After an often eventful morning working on the GP2 and Porsche Supercup races, he takes to the grid for the main event. View all Sports Illustrated Sites. When are you deployed onto the track? The Formula One safety car takes the track during practice for the U. It depends on which city we are in – cities like Melbourne and Shanghai for example offer so many possibilities that it would be a shame to waste the evening at the hotel. How are the drivers informed about the safety car phase?

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An iPad affixed to their center console gives them all the data and information needed about the race. Naturally, on race day, Maylander arrives at the track bright and early.

Bernd Mayländer: Meet The Man Who’s Led The Most Laps In F1

The safety car is connected to race control via two monitors and two cameras on the roof. Michael Ruane’s anonymity was nice while it lasted. However, it is Sunday when he really earns his money. Jerry Wong holds lead with 80 left after Day 5 of main event.

The safety car driver – Bernd Maylander

He makes similar runs on every morning of the weekend to check the circuit’s GPS system, which allows the F1 cars to be tracked and triggers warning maylamder in their cockpits if there is an accident.

It will remain until the hazardous situation is under control and the FIA feel that it is safe to resume racing. Sorry Something’s has gone wrong. Michael Ruane has lived most of his life in poker obscurity, exactly how he wanted it.


It takes up its position at the front of fo field and leads the Formula 1 cars around the track at reduced speed until the dangerous situation has passed. Whenever I notice something unusual on the track, such as short or misplaced kerbs, for instance, I inform Charlie Whiting in our meeting after the test. If no support race takes place, my day usually ends there. If the specified number of laps is completed, a race can also come to an end behind the safety car.

By the time the grand prix is scheduled to begin, there have already been two races run that day.

View all CFB Sites. Ultimately it is race director Charlie Whiting’s call as to whether Maylander is deployed, but he does have some say by communicating with race control throughout the event. Additionally the driver is informed via radio by the team and a warning light inside the cockpit flashes until the safety car phase is over. View all CBB Mayladner. In the past maylannder, heavy rains have increasingly made the deployment of myself and the safety car necessary.

Bermd F2 race on Saturday afternoon is pretty much the same as the Formula 1 race, just at a different time and with different cars. We meet at the race track at around Five minutes before the race he drives from the startline to his agreed parking spot, which allows him quick access to the circuit if necessary.


View all Sports Illustrated Sites. The pace of the Safety Car can often times be deceptive, especially at Monza, where the Italian Grand Prix is set to take place Sunday.

The toughest part of the day for me begins right after the GPS test. He started karting in the early s and then rose through the ranks in Formula Ford and the Porsche Carrera Cup.

Who on earth is Bernd Maylander? | Formula 1 | F1 features |

As of Saturday, I regularly look in on our weather service to get the latest updates. In the evening, I try to exercise or gernd go out for dinner. On hearing the command “Safety car stand-by”, he prepares the car to leave and on the words “Safety car go” he heads out onto the track to try and pick-up the race leader.

The first track test, between 2 pm and 3 pm, is very important, because both the car and the track are being tested, as well as the radio system, the GPS systems, and the cameras. Nevertheless he’s still a very busy man on F1 naylander weekends. I always watch the third practice session.

I give them cco opinion of the situation and I wait for their feedback. With this, I notify the marshals that there are no other cars coming behind me and that they can enter the circuit.