Unfortunately, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this simple FAQ. Unfortunately no, this switch does not support SNMP. Unfortunately, this KVM switch does not support dual monitor setups. What is the USB keyboard sequence to switch between clients Answer: To offer the greatest flexibility in selecting cable lengths, this switch doesn’t ship with KVM cables.

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If you are looking for a password reset, you may need to contact Avocent directly. What is the operating wattage draw for the Avocent Switview There are a number of reasons why your KVM might have connectivity issues, all dependent on the particular environment. Also for a heads up, this product is going End of Life shortly and being replaced by the Avocent AV After making sure all the cables are fully seated, one of the next steps would be to “power cycle” the KVM to see if that helps.

Avocent SwitchView 1000 4 Port KVM Switch w/ OSD

With a 1U high design, the compact SwitchView 8-port switch does not compete for valuable rack space in SMB server rooms. The SwitchView KVM switch password protection feature gives you the benefit of added security access to your business-critical servers.


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This product is not specifically mentioned as being NIAP approved. No KVM on the market states that it will work with wireless applications. You can select 6, 10 or 15 foot cables, depending on where the target servers are in relation to the switch. Info Accessories Related Questions Reviews. We have uploaded the manual for you convenience. To offer the greatest flexibility in selecting cable lengths, this switch doesn’t ship with KVM cables. Can you help me to reset this password?

Cyberview CV-S Alternative options: You can find a listing of dual monitor KVM switches on the following page: I do not see enough information on the spec sheet to tell me this.

Can the power supply be plugged into V, or must it be V? Particularly, the application of the laptops in the solution and how the “secondary displays” are integrated. Does the kvm come with necessary cables? The unit does ship with a rackmount kit, power supply, daisy-chain cable, upgrade avocentt and a ground terminator.

All password resets are done via a call to their technical support department. We are having a hard time confirming this, but all the literature shows the same power information for all SwitchView switches. The manual does not reference a reset button.


Where can I connect mouse and keyboard from the servers? What is the USB keyboard sequence to switch between clients Answer: For maximum flexibility in terms of cable length, this unit does not ship with any cables. Depending on the distance needed to travel, cable options include the: Is this product NIAP approved? You can also load the default factory settings from the OSD Control menu.


However, there is some more information to consider before determining if this particular product is the best choice. Though, we typically suggest going with an Avocent unit when attempting.

Avocent SwitchView Series Desktop KVM Switches

Thank you for your inquiry. Can I use dual monitors with this product.

Switchvlew security reasons, Avocent does not publish password reset information for this switch. For further product support we would recommend contacting the manufacturer, Avocent, directly at http: