And i mean the big guy, the “little one” is just for reference Take a look at the inside and OMG, the size of the power supply and even omg’er! It crashes when itry to browse the file system. Really please with those 3 pieces. Users browsing this forum: To view additional information about Acorp 4PE drivers, select the relevant device from the list.

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CMOS battery is dead of course but it boots. Return to General Old Hardware.

It crashes when itry to browse the file system. Acorp 4PE Auio driver download. I’m already trying to track down some ADB mouse around my area, speacially from someone who doesn’t think they’re selling gold!

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Inside there’s a standard board with coprocessor and what seem to be Hercules graphics. If the file you need is not included in this list, please let us know via the search form. Will try it on another board. Hope that’s the only problem it has.


Yay, original oldschool Apple stickers haha. This site hosts no abandonware.

To view additional information about Acorp 4PE drivers, select audii relevant device from the list. This page presents multiple files for the Acorp 4PE device.

Might make a handy Win2k test machine though. A friend was having a clear out of all his old hardware and asked me if i wanted to take a look at have what i wanted.

Acorp 4PE800 BIOS v.1.2

I’m not even an Apple dude, but this is cool i guess. I used to live near a recycle depot many years back that had all sorts of tech goodies, but they closed and I’ve since moved to a different town. Select the relevant version and file type for your operating system. And for me the most interesting one of the bunch! He knows about my interests and said he ‘didn’t have the heart to throw it away’. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Download Acorp 4PE BIOS v Acorp 4PE

It’s a locally produced computer by a company called Iskra Delta. Creative SB Live 5. I usually turn my nose up at such systems but, after investigating aaudio specs, I found a Tualeron under the heatsink. The floppy drive did not work due to a broken belt. Check out my blog and YouTube channel for thoughts, articles, system profiles, and tips.


Can’t add attachments, I’m getting an error “The extension jpg is not allowed. Computer, Printer, keyboard and even the VGA adatper.

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Although my stock of systems is quite healthy at the moment, my stock of AT cases is not. Oh, some old French computer magazine from !

Need to test the floppy drive. Sound’s like it’s about to take off! Discussion about old PC hardware. Main page Motherboard Acorp 4PE Audioo edited by mirh on