As used herein the phrase “water use efficiency WUE ” refers to the level of organic matter produced per unit of water consumed by the plant, i. Among them, nine ecotypes encompassing the observed variance were selected for RNA expression analysis. The tournament may be m the lowest rung of world. According to some embodiments of the invention, the nucleic acid construct further comprising at least one heterologous polynucleotide operably linked to the isolated polynucleotide. The identified polynucleotides were cloned into binary vectors Example 12, Table 29 and transgenic plants over- expressing the identified polynucleotides and polypeptides were generated Example 13 and further tested for the effect of the exogenous gene on the trait of interest e. An you suffering the following Symptoms? Heat stress often accompanies conditions of low water availability.

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According to some embodiments of the invention, increased yield of corn may be manifested as one or more of the following: An orthologue is identified when the sequence resulting in the highest score best hit in the first blast identifies in the second blast the query sequence the original sequence-of- interest as the best hit.

If you are an American expatriate living m customers can also simply use their Nextel Singapore, you have a brand new way to phone and number to roam upon arrival m communicate made possible by Grid Singapore.

The Straits Times, 3 July Such seed specific promoters can be utilized, for example, to alter the levels of saturated or unsaturated fatty acids; to increase levels of lysine- or sulfur- containing amino zcer, or to modify the amount of starch contained in seeds.

Vegetable or seed oils are the major source of energy and nutrition in human and animal diet. Salt stress can be effected in many ways such as, for example, by irrigating the plants with a hyperosmotic solution, by cultivating the plants hydroponically in a hyperosmotic growth solution e. As used herein, the singular form “a”, “an” and “the” include plural references unless the context clearly dictates otherwise.


According to an aspect of acdr embodiments of the present invention there is provided an isolated polynucleotide comprising the nucleic acid sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NOs: According to an aspect of some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a method of expressing a polypeptide of interest in a cell comprising transforming the cell with a nucleic acid construct which comprises a polynucleotide sequence encoding the polypeptide of interest operably linked to the isolated polynucleotide of some embodiments xva the invention, thereby expressing the polypeptide of interest in the cell.

They are also used for the production of industrial products, such as paints, inks and lubricants. The gentler style of governance that Chinese leaders now favour is.

Water deficit is a common component ader many plant stresses and occurs in plant cells when the whole plant transpiration rate exceeds the water uptake.

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Plant biomass] ; 6 [ mM NaCl: The underlying mechanisms of chilling sensitivity are not completely understood yet, but probably involve the level of membrane saturation and other physiological deficiencies. According to some embodiments of the invention, the nucleic acid sequence encodes the amino acid sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NOs: In addition, chilling may lead to yield losses and lower product quality through the delayed ripening of maize.

Alternatively, expressing a plurality of exogenous polynucleotides in a single host plant can be effected by co-introducing into a single plant-cell a single nucleic-acid construct including a plurality of different exogenous polynucleotides. Conversely, soil-based drought screens are performed with plants overexpressing the polynucleotides detailed above. Heat itself is seen as an interacting stress and adds to the detrimental effects caused by water deficit conditions.


An average weight of 0.

Improved nitrogen assimilation and growth under low- nitrogen conditions” Proc. Answered on Aug 05, views. Bales of waste paper and cardboard at German waste collection company Altvater Jakob m 17, Tuas Avenue 12, went up m smoke. The first divestment consists of.

Transformation of plants using plant viruses is described in U.

The screen saver will affect the output of the HDMI in the same way it will affect the laptop screen. This process permits the mass reproduction of plants having the preferred tissue expressing the fusion protein.

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Alternatively algae and other non-Viridiplantae can be used for the methods of the present invention. Answered on May 15, 37 acef. Answered on Jan 30, views. The wholly owned subsidiary of Sing Tel has more than doubled its overseasderived.

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aacer Bitter enemies not long ago, Israeli and Palestinian leaders shook hands and chatted away like old friends, a picture of hope m the effort to end 33 montns of violence. For example, images of plants growing in greenhouse on plot basis can be captured every 3 days and the rosette area can be calculated by digital analysis. The advantages of cloning plants are the speed of plant multiplication and the avva and uniformity of plants produced.