Type of memory and interface: Firstly we have dual independant MHz RAMDAC’s that can operate twin displays independently at high resolution with independents resolutions, colour depths and refresh rates on each display. We look at the amount and usefulness of included accessories and integrated features. As with recent Hexus reviews, I’ll combine as much information as is possible onto the graphs so that you get all the information without trawling through a mountain of pictures. In brief this is one is probably on of the most impressive graphic card overclockings I have seen.

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It was fun to see that the performance came along perfectly with the overclocking. We’ve seen that the performance of the card isn’t exactly stellar. It’s purely about getting the best spread of cost and performance onto the market and NV17 does that better than NV The today’s hero is an average card based on the GeForce4 Ti the top Ti appeared simultaneously with the Tiand the junior Ti was announced a short time ago. The card features a large silver GPU heatsink with active fan cooling built in giving the GPU some potential for decent overclocking.

See the Creative 3D Blaster 4 Titanium review for details.

Note that today there are already chips of the A3 revision with the official marking. If you remember, the Game2 has a higher overdraw factor than other 3DMark tests, that is why it’s important that mechanisms of clipping of hidden surfaces work well.


Video 3Digests Video silufo Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

ABIT Siluro T400

Both GPU’s are overkill for the Quake3 engine at x and offer extremely comfortable levels of performance. Is this factory-overclocked GeForce4 Ti really all that? When we took off the heatsinks the labels of the memory were hardly seen, that is why we didn’t siluri a photo. Overclocking Apart from the drivers The memory chips however aren’t cooled either actively or passively.

Abit Siluro GF4 MX-SE graphics card – GF4 MX 440-SE – 64 MB

Software utilities that allow you to ramp up the clock speed of your graphics card have been around for years, but now Silluro is upping the ante with the Siluro GF4 Ti OTES, a graphics card that comes overclocked right out of the box, with a radical new cooling system thrown in for good measure. Abit have done a good job with the cooling considering the price point with only memory heatsinks being a glaring omission.

The whole GeForce4 Ti line differs only in the frequencies of the chip and memory; besides, the Ti serves a base for both MBytes and 64 MBytes cards. We’ll see how these minor clock speed differences affect the card’s performance a little later. You can find products similar to abih one for sale below.

The card ships in the colorful retail package which includes: Read on to see what we found. Besides, at the similar performance level, the 4xS mode provides a sharper image.

NV17 is slower than NV20 yet in marketing terms, it’s being promoted as being ‘better’ simply due to the GPU brand name being 1 unit more than GeForce3.


However the Radeon card in general gave a more even performance and slightly better image quality. The GeForce3’s higher fillrate and memory bandwidth are responsible for the increase here. We used the four. As we increase the level abut antialiasing and ansiotropic filtering Radeon shows what it got and Abit has to stay back. silluro

Abit Siluro GF4 MX graphics card – GF4 MX – 64 MB Overview – CNET

The cooling works very well and keeps the card cool. Memory bus width bits. There is a lot of graphic cards at NordicHardware nowadays and we will not let your reading glasses lay unused this week either. Customize The Tech Report Just some days ago we looked at two cards from Abit but those were not so impressive. Graphics Previous page Next page.

The Abit is a decent performer considering what’s under the hood and it did overclock very well although being out first NV17 through the door, we have no other NV17 based cards to compare it with just yet. We don’t get anywhere near our 50fps target sadly.