March 03, , To post a comment you must log in. Changed in gspca Ubuntu: Blueish highly saturated picture taken with camorama. Karl Ostmo kostmo wrote on

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I think you’ll find that pretty much most stuff labelled USB2 actually isn’t especially if you look at webcam chipset specs, and the labels on products.

Once the webcam is plugged, dmesg returns the following line: The picture is too grey, not enough colours. Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on As they cost money, some cough, ok, lots of Chinese chipset vendors don’t bother with real ones, or they use other peoples.


Its a waste of time to do it, especially when there are already 0c4 out there that are similarly priced and do it already. There are other products that are more suitable though, and already have 2.

Could not negotiate format [gstbasesrc. I have a similar problem with bad picture for the sonixj ID 0c See full activity log. The cam is now working using Ekiga, but not right.


No, using the 8. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. To post a comment you must ueb in.

Is it still reproducible using a supported Ubuntu release, as Hardy, Jaunty or Karmic? When trying with gstreamer- properties, I get the following error message: The USB Forum generally issues these.

Trying to find drivers for my webcam

Sergio Zanchetta primes2h wrote on 045 me about changes to this bug report. If you wanted to redo the BSP into Linux 2.

Pierre Buyle mongolito wrote on I would be willing to work with the developers to get my picture fixed. Identifying what camera hardware is in your device.

I also think that we’re unlikely to get a USB2 device working nicely in an embedded environment like ours, we don’t really have enough oomph. I tried to find the gspca devel mailinglist, but that project seems kinda inaccessable.

Re-organized the forum to more cleanly delineate the development section, as the end user support side appears to have damera a life of its own! Color saturated and image flipped horizontally. We also don’t have drivers for 2. Works fine on Ubuntu 9. Sergio Yes, Karmic kernel fixed this bug. Mine uses the Sonix driver allegedly in the default firmware.


Usb Camera 0C45 Neox Windows Download Driver

How do I know – mostly because I recompiled my own kernel, and added usb proc device support, and looked See here – http: Tom The original reporter say this bug is fixed for his webcam.

I’ve to be out of any direct light and close czmera the cam to see myslef, and the background is always bright white. Bug attachments Blueish highly saturated picture taken with camorama.